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I’ve been a little absent lately. Not my intention. I’ve written so many blog posts in my head! I guilted myself for being so radio silent but quickly decided that was silly. We can be so hard on ourselves. Everyone is their own biggest critic, of this I’m certain. If you’re not, who are you and what is your secret.

Honestly, this past month just hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve been somewhat of an emotional yo-yo and struggling with feeling overwhelmed. I’m sure the latter elevated the former and sometimes when I’m overwhelmed, I just shut down. It’s like I’m forced into focus. I think a little bit of that is healthy. In the middle of all that, I decided to go on Whole 30. You know, the elimination “don’t call it a diet” that removes sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, legumes and alcohol from your diet for, yup, 30 days. I think it saved me from really crashing and burning. It was a strain on my time – so much grocery shopping, dishes and cooking – but I loved it even when I didn’t. I’ll spare you the full recap – believe me, my boyfriend and coworkers were subjected to frequent updates – but I do plan to keep it up. Normally at this time of year, I would be on allergy medication and I’m hardly sneezing. My skin is brighter, I’m not breaking out from cheese benders and I’m excited to eat veggies and cook. It was hard to give up alcohol at first but I might be a mental drinker. I thought I needed the glass of wine after a hard day but a Passionfruit LaCroix hit the spot just fine.  I needed to strike a balance there.

Some sunshine did me good this weekend and I’m looking forward to embracing the coming week. Here’s what has me excited.

Gwenyth’s new cookbook! It’s All Easy is all gooooood.  If Whole 30 taught me one thing, it’s that I don’t have hours to spend in a kitchen every night. There are some delicious dinner recipes, beautiful goop-y photos and a really convincing case for making cashew cream.

I started using the baked Lune + Aster Bronzer in the winter and love how subtle it is. I’m still pale as can be and the ‘necker island’ color is just right still. Oh, p.s., Lune + Aster is the makeup line by the founder of Bluemercury!

I think the Everlane Street Ankle Boots may be the coolest thing I own.

I wear the Chantecaille Cheek Gelee every day. I picked it up after watching this video from Ingrid and can’t stop wearing it.

I loathe aerosol air fresheners and artificial scents but love making my home smell beautiful. Enter Fig + Yarrow Atmosphere Mist in Rosewood Vetiver. It’s lovely in all rooms and soothes me in stress moments.

I decided to resurrect a Essie Chillato from last year’s summer collection rather than buying any new polish. I have way too many and find I don’t use them enough. This pistachio-ish color is perfect. Go find it now if you still can!

I take all of the texture I can get and spritz Aveda Thickening Tonic on wet hair whether I air or blow dry. It works as you’d expect by thickening each strand of hair. I notice a big difference when I forget to use or if I’m traveling without it.

Facial in a Jar

Kiehl's Face Masks

I have some serious rituals.

Giving myself manicures on Sunday nights while watching The Good Wife. Tears that it’s the last season (thanks, Obama).

Masking with a glass of wine. Sometimes in the bath, depending on the mask and if steam will mess it up. But bathtime is a ritual in itself.

Everything bagels when I’m PMS-ing.  And wine, too.

When I write these things down, it really seems as carbs and pinot are the backbone of my life.

My rituals are about to get shook up. I’m going to do Whole 30, starting later this month! I’m excited but way anxious, too. I’m worried I’ll have withdrawal and discover I’ve had some weird sugar addiction I didn’t actually know about. I’m in mega research mode and just bought ghee, so it’s about to get real.

I’m hoping for more energy, a better relationship with food and an understanding of what makes me feel good and bad. I’m doing it with coworkers so I’m so thankful to have that support. Especially when we’re all reaching for the bin of Twizzlers at 3pm.

I’ll fill my nights with workouts and do without alcohol. Instead, I’ll enjoy my LaCroix in a wine glass with a squeeze of lime. And I’ll still have my beauty fun to look forward to. You know I’m probably the only person who enthusiastically says regularly, “I can’t wait to exfoliate tonight.”

Kiehl's Tumeric Mask

I’m hoping for that Whole 30 glow in my skin but will supplement with masks. I’m completely loving the two new ones from Kiehl’s – they can be used in tandem but I like to space them out to one time each per week. Been trying them out in a few ways and really pleased with the results (and the price – $32) They are like instant facials!

There’s the Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque that exfoliates but gently with cranberry seeds. The tumeric gives skin an immediate radiance (and why the product is yellow in color!) Tumeric is one of the new “it” ingredients in beauty that you’re likely to see cropping up in skin care. I say ‘yay’ to that.  Goop even has a recipe for a turmeric latte that I am going to try (minus the coconut sugar because Whole 30 rules and regs.)

Kiehl's Cilantro Mask

The other Kiehl’s mask that has this city girl excited is the Cilantro & Orange Extract Polluting Defending Mask. Pollution is a part of city life – we breathe it in and our skin absorbs it as well. It’s gross to think about and scary because it’s invisible, for the most part. Kiehl’s scientists tested this with cigarette smoke exposure and found the ingredients trigger a protective mechanism and helps your skin fight. This is a good mask to lightly pat on and wear overnight for more benefit. I wouldn’t do this if you’re struggling with dry skin but it is gentle enough to leave on for a longer length of time.

Also, now would be a perfect time for anyone out there share Whole 30 advice. I feel like so many people have done this so please let me know if you have. What saved you from snacking? Any easy recipes that you found yourself making every week?