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The Curling Iron that Changed EVERYTHING

The curling iron that changed everything for me is the Sultra Bombshell. My sweet husband actually bought the 1-inch wand for me as a birthday gift last year. Turn 30, get good hair. It was just time. While my stick straight, no matter the weather, is annoying at times, I recognize that my curly-haired ladies deal with much worse. If my biggest challenge is holding a curl, I don’t have it that bad. Especially because there are tools like this to make my problems go away. I was completely intimidated by the clipless wand at first, but now can’t imagine using a clamp. It all seems so antiquated. I just got my mitts on the slightly bigger 1.5 inch Sultra Bombshell and declare this the key to sexy hair.  This slightly bigger Bombshell gives my hair curls and volume. Believe me when I say it is ridiculously simple to use. Rather than just tell you, I wanted to show you…

Sultra-BombshellSee, super straight? And, actually not all that bad here. It’s definitely my new shampoo. These Darby Clips from Sarah Potempa make me feel like a pro. Sectioning hair off makes the process so much easier.


Wear the glove, always. It’s not something you’ll forget more than once. Been there, done that. With scars to prove it, sadly. Wear the glove on the same side you are curling. Use that hand to wrap the hair around the iron.


I let the hair curl for about 7-10 seconds and when it’s done I hold it in my hands for a few seconds. Helps set the curl even more.


Ta-da! To make it more relaxed, I run my fingers through the curls after they’ve cooled down. This entire process takes about 6-8 minutes. Like I said, the curling iron that changed everything!

Pretty Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale puts all others to shame. Next season’s boots on sale? And a whole host of beauty exclusives? Done. It also happens to fall on or around my birthday, so I usually find myself with a few new Nordstrom gift cards burning a whole in my pocket.  I did some sale scouting this past weekend and pulled together a few of my top picks!


I have a tradition of checking out NARS fall collections at the start of every anniversary sale. The soft neutral matte shadows — Yamal and Namibia – majorly struck a chord with me as did the ‘Baiser de Feu’ Lip Bag, which was created for the Anniversary sale. The colors span neutral, pink and red and the tote with some sage advice from Francois is too cute!

The Anniversary Sale is the smartest time to buy a watch. I haven’t for a few seasons since I wear my silver Michael Kors constantly, but this chain link rose gold bracelet watch is really tempting me! After sale, the price goes up by $75 so I should probably make that decision soon.

I have my tradition with a visit to the NARS counter, and my husband has his own in menswear. He always buys jeans and the process is always ridiculously easy. I should know better that it won’t be that way for me, but I’m always inspired to try on jeans after watching him fit into every pair he brings in the fitting room. While I struck out with a few, I tried on this skinny dark rinse by MOTHER at the urging of the sales consultant and loved them. They hug all of the right curves and give me a skinny feeling.

This Deborah Lippmann ‘Space Oddity’ trio is maybe my favorite thing at the sale! The rose gold glitter completely did me in. And little Lippmanns are the cutest bottles of polish there ever were.

My first Sultra Bombshell changed my hair game forever. It’s definitely a splurge, but worth every penny. Even sweeter when Nordstrom decides to put it on sale for a few weeks. The new 1.5 inch barrel Bombshell is a must-shop for me.