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My Skincare is Buzzing


My skin care nightcap (and nightcap nightcap) is all abuzz right now. You see resveratrol –the antioxidant found in red wine– is making its way into your makeup and skin care, big time. You know the word, because you’ve probably had a glass (or two) of Cab, justified it as dinner and chalked it up to healthy living. Me too.  Turns out, resveratrol is all it’s cracked up to be. Its might is in stimulating collagen production—what helps give our skin that firm and youthful look. At some point in our 20s, this process naturally slows down. And by 30(ish), I really started to notice on my forehead.

It’s been a few months since I’ve put the powerhouses that are SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E and Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream to the test and my skin is at its best. Individually, these work hard and together I feel like I cut in line at the DMV—I hardly had to wait for results.



Kahina is known for Argan Oil and now it is combined with essential oils and active ingredients (like resveratrol) in a cream formula that feels like whipped cream on the skin. I appreciate a heavy cream and thick balm but love that the Kahina Night Cream is neither. As a first step at night, I use SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E – which has the highest concentration of resveratrol on the market today. Mixed with a baicalin (a flavonoid – another antioxidant that does wonders for skin damage) and vitamin E, it is quite the anti-aging cocktail. It’s a splurge so if you’re feeling aight with your collagen situation, hold off for a time (or person – mom?) that needs the assist.

p.s. In my constant state of “research” for this blog, I stumbled on Skinstore.com which seems to always be running site-wide sales. Now there’s 15% off and a SkinCeuticals treat with purchase.

note: samples received of both of these products — and I would definitely purchase myself!

Sun Protection…Because it’s Necessary, Guys


It’s not just Cinco de Mayo, no, it’s also Melanoma Monday. While I always cringe at the cutesy-ness of the moniker, it’s actually a big deal. The fact that I can’t open a magazine in May or turn on the news without seeing something about skin cancer means that the word is definitely out. So if you haven’t heard, wear sunscreen! And wear a lot…Neutrogena told me that we tend to under-apply by about 75%. I’m one of the rare few who gets excited by SPF. I think of it not as an obligation but another exciting beauty category. Every year, the formulas get better. And, with every year, I’m more concerned about sun damage. I’m battling a fine line on my forehead at the moment…shit’s getting real. Here’s a few pretty picks with MM in mind.

I cannot wait to try this sheer formula from Drunk Elephant, a natural option with skin care ingredients. // Skinceuticals Eye Defense is a tinted sunscreen for your eye area. It’s a whopping SPF 50 and acts as a primer for concealer (if you need it at all). // Clarins SPF 30 Oil can be used on hair or body. The spray helps reach those areas you always forget about, like your feet, knees, back of your neck and ears. // AHAVA SPF 15 Hand Cream also helps to undo previous sun damage to your hands. I love that it feels like a normal hand lotion and not sunscreen. It lives at my desk so I don’t forget to reapply throughout the day. // The more sunscreen you use, the more bronzer you need. How pretty is this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder compact? // This Old Navy Embroidered Cover Up deserves a spot in my summer wardrobe. // Need to get thee to Target to check out this striped floppy hat. Don’t beach without one.

Melanoma Monday, But It’s Not What You Think


While I find the name “Melanoma Monday” to be extremely ill-conceived, I think it’s an important day of awareness. But first, let’s not get it twisted with Taco Tuesday, Pizza Friday or any other day connected to something you want. A few weeks ago, I commented to my gym friend (you know the people you see in class each week but don’t really know outside of that room) that she was looking nice and bronzed. I assumed she would tell me she got a spray or used a new lotion, because really, what 30+ year old woman actually goes to a tanning bed, right? Wrong. She said she was “tanning for her wedding” but “just a base.” It took me a minute to process and I felt that I didn’t know her well enough to shame her into never doing it again.  Shame might be a bit harsh, but tanning beds are cancer/wrinkle beds. Why mess with that?

What’s worse, according to a new sun study being released today by L’Oreal, is that American women give themselves a “C” when grading their sun care habits.  Basically, we know we should wear sunscreen, but don’t. What gives? I hear often from my friends and coworkers that it’s “cloudy” or “I’m inside all day” but honestly, the sun is smarter than you think. It reflects off of everything — concrete, snow, windows.  I also think there is a perception that sunscreen formulas are smelly, thick and goopy. Not the case anymore.

While I’m good about wearing SPF every day on my face and neck, even I can do a better job with my body. It’s not just when you’re at the beach or doing outdoor activities. So my Melanoma Monday commitment is to make it a routine to SPF my legs, arms, chest and hands. Don’t forget the hands! Will you join me in making a MM commitment?

Arming myself with a body SPF for all situations:

Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector / L’Oreal Sublime Sun Sheer Protect Sunscreen Oil / Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense / Aveeno Natural Protection