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How to Wear a Vampy Lip in the Summer


Like clockwork, the vamped-up plum pout reappears every fall. It’s like the falling temps signal that it’s OK to go dark again. It’s a look I associate with that season, which is why I wanted to wear it instead in the smack dab of summer. What makes this look so powerful (and feel so comforting) in October and November has the opposite effect in the heat.  The bright sun and exposed limbs somehow lend a more vibrant look to one that is usually dark and broody.

Becca-Ultimate-Matte Lip-Antoinette

Wearing BECCA Antoinette

If trying this out during peak sweat season just doesn’t feel right, follow these steps. I promise you, it will be way more interesting than you think!

Go matte. As counterintuitive as it may seem, the more matte your lipstick, the more seasonally appropriate it actually is. I find I don’t need any help with the glow or dew in the summer, and a glossy vamp lip can feel a little one dimensional. I’m loving the BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour in Antoinette. It’s ultra matte but somehow hydrating, too.

Shimmer on the lids. A statement lip can carry itself, but to soften the look even more, I’ve been wearing a shimmery bronze on the eyelids. Nothing smoky or extreme, just a soft wash of color that balances out the matte texture on the lips.

Bronze away. I skip blush altogether a lot in the summer but especially when I’m wearing a dark lip. It feels more natural to be bronzed to all get out this time of year and definitely isn’t the way I’d wear this in chilly weather.

Go berry vs. brown. I think the undertone of the lipstick increases the wearabiility. Opt for something with more berry or red undertones versus brown or black. If it’s too dark, it may wash you out or make the look dated.

Hair Lifeline: The Wet Brush

The-Wet-BrushIt was around last Memorial Day that I quit the blow dryer. True story. I make exceptions for the occasional blowout but am pretty content with good old fashioned still air. I wash my hair at night, 2-3x a week, and have a multi-step routine of detangling, smoothing and serum-ing. The biggest headache for someone with gobs of hair is detangling. It’s true that using a wide-tooth comb helps minimize any damage or breakage, but only to an extent. And it takes forever. Regardless of hair length, I have to imagine we all have the same woes. How many hair knot massacres do we have to suffer before we think of a better way???

Enter the Wet Brush™ —- my new lifeline! Game-changer alert. I can run this through towel-dried tangled hair and in one stroke of the brush, that section is completely smooth and detangled. And there’s not gobs of hair in the brush as a result. It doesn’t tug, tear or pull — or consequently, hurt in any way. The bristles are the key, a mix of flexible and firm. It really does work best on wet hair. Time saver + more hair on your head = always a good combo. Plus, the color options are so fun. I love the bright pink!

You can shop the Wet Brush online, and you can also find it at Sally Beauty Supply stores. I will be gifting this to all of my friends and family — this is the ultimate functional girl tool!

*editorial sample provided