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Living Proof Salon

If I take all of the haircuts I’ve had in my 33 years, they can be divided into two distinct camps. Salons, mostly, save for a chunk of my teenage years in a chair in my cousin’s basement. Both had their perks but I’m sure you can guess where I got a longer shampoo head massage. There’s a new trend popping up in Chicago that’s a modern blend of that basement chair and traditional salon.  It’s called the Salon Suite and you are the star client every time.

Adam Lumination Chicago

I visited Lumination, led by industry vet Adam Bogucki, with all of the perks and amenities of a salon just in a more intimate setting. (Note, not actually a basement, either.) When you walk into his suite in Lakeview, Adam’s face is the only one you’ll see. It’s cool, he’s really welcoming and serves wine. Lumination’s bright space is flanked with a wall of Living Proof products – Adam’s an educator for the brand – and there’s a statement chandelier hanging above the chair. The experience is customized to you on every level, including the music playing. Adam had this awesome late 90s thing going when I walked in but he offered to switch to whatever I wanted. Nelly was just what I needed that day, though.

Lumination Living Proof

Adam Bogucki, Lumination

Adam gave me a stellar haircut, listened to me talk about Whole 30 (see, I spared you!) and even did this razor texturizing mid-strand that no one has ever done on me before. It’s a Living Proof technique, he tells me. Helps maintain the light texture as it grows out. I haven’t touched up my color since December but a cut with just enough off to be noticeable managed to give my color some fresh life. The one-on-one experience made coming and going so seamless. All Adam really wants to do is send you out of his chair feeling fabulous. The odds are in your favor that will happen.

Apparently, the Salon Suite trend is really big in LA. Makes sense. Celebrities and stuff. Anyone else have a one-on-one experience in their town? Basements included.