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The Nail Polish I’m Wearing the Rest of The Year

My fall nail wardrobe was so good, I’m extending it through the rest of the year. While every shade is in the same color family, we’ve got bright, soft, shiny and broody. Captures all of my moods.

It’s very LVX heavy — the brand is Latin for Lux and they’re based in Chicagoland. I love the formula and wear, and their color story for this season got me excited.

Their take on a certain generational pink grabbed my attention. Aptly called Millennial, LVX really nailed it. It’s creamy and balanced, not too opaque or chalky. I’m selective with my pale pinks. The clever naming convention was just a bonus.

I’m also really into Rouge. It has a constant Kira Kira app vibe, sparkling with any motion. It looks glittery but the texture is smooth. If you’re into ruby red around the holidays, this one is my pick.

For a shade that feels most unique is French Rose. I’ve never had good experiences with metal shades – they always streak – but this never showed brush strokes. Love the copper tones here. Best take on mauve I’ve seen.  My go to pedi shade has been Mulberry. This is a soft plum creme. I think it’s unique, has a grey undertone so it’s not too deep.  Mulberry has been seen by no one, except me in the bathtub. BUT, I am going to Miami for the holidays and will be giving myself a fresh application.

Another classic red I wanted to include was Essie’s With The Band. From a few falls ago, Essie’s I’m With The Band is a workhorse shade. It’s not particularly unique in the land of reds but it is a goodie and exactly what it looks like in the bottle.

There’s also OPI Kerry Blossom, from last fall’s DC collection. I love that one so much (remember We The Female red?!) but I can’t help get nostalgic for the time it came out, before November 8, 2016. Before the dangerous doofus in Chief became a reality. On top of that, we have the last season of Scandal with an unlikeable Olivia Pope. At least we have the Kerry Blossom, the color of Malbec.

Last, and similarly, I added Priti NYC’s Sympathie Rose after trying it from Credo Beauty’s Clean Makeup Kit. It looks really deep in the bottle but it looks more red on the nails. It’s unique in this mix of polish I pulled together.

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One Note Nails

Fall Nail Polish

Life is unpredictable. My fall nail polish preferences are not. Like clockwork, I go through a pretty heavy month long wine-colored nail polish phase every year around this time. You may ring in sweater weather with pumpkin, but I choose vampy nails. I resurrect my old favs and because the world also loves this color for fall, always seem to find a few new bottles to add to the mix. I started the season with an oldie but a goodie – Chanel Taboo. It’s a shimmery burgundy in the bottle but flashes navy and purple depending on the light. I don’t think this color is even available anymore but Chanel Vamp is a fine distant cousin.

Bottega Organica Hand Regenerate

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (Ruby Do is my jam!) has the best brush in all of nail polish – perfect at-home mani every time. Have you ever tried Sephora Formula X? The wear time is excellent and they happen to have a very glossy looking berry among the new fall colors. Essie created the perfect raspberry with Bahama Mama. I’m all about Ciate right now (because…) and this Napa Valley inspired shade looks spot on. Smith & Cult has simply the best packaging. I mean, come on with that curved gold cap! The polish is virtually chip-proof. They nailed fall with the vampy Lovers Creep.

Every color looks better on since I discovered the swankiest hand cream on the planet. I’m not kidding – it’s uber luxe. Between seasonal dryness and compulsive cuticle picking, I was in need of serious repair and Bottega Organica completely healed my hands. There’s olive oil, beeswax and tons of plants and vitamins but the real miracle here is prawn sage. There’s research that shows it helps to slow down aging in skin by helping to lengthen a segment of our DNA at the ends of chromosomes which shorten when we get older. I find this all very fascinating and I see it working on my hands in almost real time. I irrationally don’t care how much this costs – it works!