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OSEA Blemish Balm


I binge BB’d this past year, trying pretty much any and all that came my way. Some were incredible (3Lab’s is top notch) and others were just glorified tinted moisturizers that just left my skin oily and sad. Testing has its perils. When OSEA’s Blemish Balm landed on my doorstep, I wasn’t sure I was ready for any more BB. Except that this is really a blemish balm. There’s no tint or coverage – it’s a straight up antiseptic moisturizer intended to make blemishes go away. And it doesn’t do so with anything chemical, rather, a blend of oils. There’s a ton of essentials in the mix – rosemary, cypress, juniper, lavender, tea tree, thyme and grapefruit – and a blend of seaweeds, which helps minimize acne scars.

Considering the success I had with this tiny blemish buster, I had a feeling OSEA’s BB would be good. I was right. The idea you need to dry out your skin to get rid of pimples is not a school of thought I subscribe to anymore. Massaging this on skin under makeup is that daytime blemish treatment I’ve been looking for. I like to pump some on the back of my hand and apply with a flat foundation brush to my forehead and chin. It is lightweight and absorbs all those healing oils and vitamins into the skin quickly. The bonus is that it also works as a primer for makeup and reduces shine. I love a dewy glow, but need to tame it down just a tad in the t-zone. I assure you, this BB is on a whole different level.

Polished: The White Manicure


A trend I am excited to weave into my warm weather style is the white nail. It was all over the spring runways and when I saw how fab it looked on Taylor, I knew I needed to get my bright white tips in order. This mani will be everything against bronzed skin (I say that and hope you know I mean faux…real sun is frenemy).  Abandon any notion of “white out” nail, and take note!

The first rule of a white mani is HYDRATION. You think a scraggly cuticle ruins the appearance of your manicure? Well, it’s all sorts of skanky with white nails. The wind did a number on my hands the other day and I was horrified by how magnified my dry skin looked against a white mani. To remedy, I’ve been carrying around this OSEA Malibu rollerball around with me for dedicated cuticle moisture blasts. It’s a very hydrating blend of argan oil, undaria algae, chamomile, grape oil and vitamin E. I love the no-fuss rollerball app and, bonus: I can use it as a face touch-up, too.

The next rule? Over apply. I did three coats of L’Oreal Colour Riche in “I Will!” and I’m wishing I’d had the patience for a fourth. The goal is full opacity. The L’Oreal applies smoothly and evenly, so I could have added another coat no problem. Not bad for $6!

Last, never skip the base and top coat. This goes for all manis. It might seem like an unnecessary extra step – especially when you’re already wearing 3-4 coats of actual color – but it protects your nails, gives it a glossy finish and helps it last (way) longer. The butter LONDON base/top duo is my newest discovery and I’m so impressed with how well my manicure holds when I use.

note: sample of the OSEA provided for editorial consideration.