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Trending: Hair Perfume


The biggest chore is washing my hair. I love how a fresh shampoo feels but really prefer how a dirty mane looks. The texture and volume can’t be beat! The smell, however, is usually a mix of whatever I made for dinner the night before and the scent of Chicago air. Yes…a lovely combo. Luckily, hair perfume is starting to happen. Hair absorbs scent more than skin (oh, a blessing and a curse!) so it makes sense that there are products with the sole purpose of making your hair smell great.


Most notable is Oribe, who created a hair refresher that absorbs odors in your hair and replaces them with the Oribe signature scent, a soft and sultry floral aroma with lychee and watermelon. It’s not a dry shampoo, so don’t expect it to absorb oil. But while it’s ridding your hair of unwanted smells it will cut static and give you a layer of much needed UV protection. The tiny bottle is easy to tote in your bag and it really does work. Arch Apothecary uses Oribe and they turned me on to this the last time I was in for a blowout.

I explored the topic of hair perfume for Clementine Daily this week, so you can head on over that way for a tip on how to incorporate in your day to day!

More Cote D’ Azur…the Black & Gold collection is the best!

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What Space NK’s Nicky Kinniard Packs for a Trip to Chicago


Last month, Space NK founder Nicky Kinniard made her way through Chicago for an event at her newest location in Bloomingdale’s Michigan Ave. I’m likening the personal tour she gave me on the eve of said event to what I imagine a music lesson from Beethoven would be. Talk about learning from the master herself! This year marks 20 since Nicky opened the first Space NK in London. The personally curated shops you see cropping up constantly? Yeah, Nicky helped to pioneer that concept.  She filled her first Space NK with the things she loved and that continues today, in more than 20 locations. During our time touring the shop floor, we gabbed face oils (she loves them), the amazing-ness that is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (she avoids washing her hair, too!) and the most bad ass foundation brush ever. Also, according to Nicky, the Clarisonic for your feet does work, and quite well apparently. Consider my curiosity at its max on that one.


While I don’t normally let myself fall in love with an $80 brush, I couldn’t help but obsess over this one by Kevyn Aucoin. According to Nicky, there’s nothing it can’t do and it applies cream products flawlessly. She informed me she’s loving By Terry’s new serum foundation.


Nicky also raved to me about the matte shadows from Kevyn Aucoin, which come in the most flattering range of neutrals. They look and feel like suede!


I made sure to get the 411 on the must-haves Nicky packed for her trip to Chicago. No surprise, she toted along her favorite foundation and a variety of Kevyn Aucoin mattes but she spoke to me primarily on skincare. She can’t travel without her Eve Lom cleanser and layers on the Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil day and night. Many of the products on Space NK shelves are limited in distribution and Nicky is always introducing new lines. She let me in on another of her skincare secrets – the Bakel P-lipic serum which is packed with active ingredients and hyaluronic acid to fill in lines and plump up skin.

For my fellow 312 beauties, have you shopped our very own Space NK, yet?

7 Days of Summer Beauty: Beach Waves


Get ready for 7 Days of Summer, kicking off today! I’ll be spending the next week talking the must-have beauty for summer.  My summer mantra is to beat the heat and stay chic. First up? A long overdue haircut.


{before and after}

I woke up one morning last week and just decided it had to happen. It was starting to weigh me down and getting impossible to manage (and work out or sleep with). I was starting to wear it in a bun almost every day which signaled to me that I needed a major change. Josie at Sine Qua Non gave me a bouncy lob that is still long enough to put up. It’s love!


I’ll be using Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to style my new do all summer long. It helps me channel St. Tropez versus Lake Michigan beaches. The smell is fancy, like a perfume for your hair. It gives me the texture and shine without the grittiness a salt spray leaves behind. I use it on damp hair if I want it to create texture while it air dries. If using on dry hair, I usually run a curling wand over it to get some waves. Since no grit, you can wear this over a few days, even reapplying each day, without having to wash your hair. If you think I hate washing my hair in the winter, I get even lazier in the summer. The Apres Beach comes in a mini, too, which means good hair can go with you in your purse. Arch Apothecary locally sells the line, as does Blowtique, which is where I snagged this summer must!