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Fall Beauty Wardrobe Inspiration

Pantone was right, ya know. I didn’t quite see it happening, when they chose Greenery as the 2017 Color of the Year. But everywhere I look, I see greenery.  On Instagram, obviously. Big fan of #MonsteraMonday over here. Everyone’s desks are lined with succulents and draping pothos. I even bought an aloe plant at the grocery store because they merchandised it so well. The Washington Post probed why exactly millennials are so plant obsessed. To fill the void in our hearts, they allege in the headline.

I need look no further than this greenery fixation than my own house. Since I moved, I’ve filled my house with new plants to nurture. The highest maintenance being my Maidenhen fern which requires misting several times a day. Plant caregiving beats scrolling Facebook, which usually only serves to frustrate me.

I looked back at Pantone’s note on Greenery and was struck by this, “A life affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.”

While I was planning my fall beauty wardrobe, I took stock of my physical environment. I’m fully in our home now, in all of its green glory. It’s just what you do when you have unobstructed light in all four directions.

This is not a coincidence.

Now that the stress of moving has passed, I’ve started filling my months ahead with activities that align with my personal passions. Many of them solo, by choice. Book readings, talks, concerts. It’s something my boyfriend and I both are doing. We love doing things together, but he is not into Julien Baker or David Sedaris so I gave him the out. There was a time where if I wanted to do something, I would ask someone if they wanted to go and if they said no try and find someone else. And then, sometimes, decide not to do it because I’d be alone. When you can detach yourself from that +1 mentality, it’s really freeing. I’ve also got a girls trip to LA next month and I’m so excited for the getaway. While I love the time to myself, trips like this are the best.

The beauty wardrobe I’m building for fall is the backdrop to what I hope will be a really fun and fulfilling few months.

I pulled together my mood board, which influenced my choices.

At the core, simplicity. Fewer items than I included in summer. A return to black eyeliner – so much so I could kiss it! – and a hint of red, a color I don’t normally gravitate toward. I saw this red jasper necklace from Michelle Starbuck and instantly gravitated toward the color. The Laura Berger print is called personal mountains and I love the sentiment and repetition of shape. I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing for these glorious fall months. That’s coming up in the next post. I’ve fully transitioned my beauty wardrobe but actually enjoying the end of summer delayed me from sharing it earlier.

Image credit from top row L-R:

Moglea | Laura Berger | Julia Dandebo | Michelle Starbuck | Home via Laura | unknown | Kristina Krogh

My Favorite Locally Made Jewelry

Michelle Starbuck Holiday 2015

Did someone say favorite things? If only you could hear my bellowing Oprah voice building right now.

Chances are your inbox is filling up with deals upon deals. It’s overwhelming isn’t it? Madewell already got me good earlier this week and I also did a mini holiday spree this past weekend at Show of Hands. Michelle Starbuck had a booth at the Show and used the show as a time to launch her holiday collection before it went online. I basically want every piece. I say that every season but it’s always true. Holiday is extra special. She found these charming vintage box clasps and created a bracelet around them, aren’t they sweet? There’s also the clear quartz druzy which may be draped around my neck indefinitely. Oh, and earrings upon earrings upon earrings.

Michelle Starbuck Vintage Bracelet

Michelle Starbuck jewelry is one of my very favorite things and the maker is as kind as she is talented.

This year, MSD is participating in the Good Karma sale, a chance for owners big and small to consciously redefine their relationship to the holidays. To give more purpose to the frenzy that is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, she’s offering 25% off everything with code GOODKARMA and donating 10% of sales from 11/27 – 11/30 to the Chicago Women’s Health Center.

I can’t help but think of this story my boyfriend told me last week. He was walking downtown on one of our colder days so far and saw a homeless man eating something in an alley. The man started tossing some of the food to a pigeon in the alley. It’s funny how that man, with likely little to no possessions, no home and probably a grumbling belly shared food with a pigeon. It’s because he knew what it was like to be hungry and didn’t want the pigeon to experience that either. Sometimes, the people with the least give the most. Regardless if this sentiment is a universal truth, I see it in as the spirit of the Good Karma sale.

Check out more of 312 Beauty Favorite Things this holiday here.

Squad Goals

Michelle Starbuck Designs

Mondays really sneak up on you, huh? Or should I say ‘eh’? Haven’t quite picked up the Canadian verbal question mark (yet) but I’m noticing some other strange speech habits. About is starting to come out “aboot” and I hear my “got” sounding too similar to “goat.” Canada, you work frighteningly fast. After a long weekend back in Chicago, maybe I snapped some of that out of my system. This weekend was too sweet for words and the high was quickly checked when I landed in Toronto late last night. The morning was just too close. The antidote for a Monday like this? The excitement of Michelle Starbuck’s Fall collection launching today! So many earrings, carnelian gemstones, a swingy bolo necklace that is begging to be draped over a tunic and there’s even a new Elder necklace with an awesome smoky taupe quartz stone.

Michelle Starbuck Earrings

Michelle Starbuck Fall 2015

Talk about a squad. Myself, Shaheen and Lindsay all got together with Michelle for the lookbook shoot a few weeks ago. I did the makeup, Shaheen styled and modeled and Lindsay was the woman behind the camera. What I love most about Michelle’s designs is the simplicity. Every piece is really versatile and she even has a chain length option for many of her necklaces so you can customize and layer them. I wanted Shaheen’s makeup to channel that effortless simplicity so we did a no-makeup makeup look. This always involves more than you think but we skipped blush and eyeliner and kept everything really minimal. The hero products were the W3LL People Bio Bronzer and Bio Brightener. They are so creamy and glowy and work just as well on my skin tone as they do Shaheen’s darker skin.

I have so many favorites for fall! This necklace. Followed by this one. If the launch wasn’t exciting enough, everything is also 15% off this week. Michelle, you’re the best.

312 To Do: Me, Michelle + Madewell on March 18

312 Beauty Madewell Chicago

This week, I’ve heard birds chirping, wore sunglasses in the 6pm hour and exposed a few limbs. I also ate pizza for approximately five meals in a row, but that’s beside the point. (But aren’t you curious if that means breakfast, too?!) Spring is so on. Are you ready to get down with it as much as I am?Madewell Michelle Starbuck

If so, come join me and local jewelry boss Michelle Starbuck for a special event at Madewell on Rush Street on March 18 from 6-8 p.m. It’s going to be spring on spring on spring with a side of spring. I’ll be styling Madewell’s new wares (so.many.great.tees!!) with Michelle’s spring collection. There will be a special discount, something fizzy to drink, sweets to eat and smiles from me. Drop me a comment or tweet if you can come.

Hope to see you there!

September Mantra

September Style

Labor Day came especially quick this year and no, I’m not at all ready for it to be actually fall. However, I like what Labor Day signifies. It’s a new start. A giant reset button, if you will, filled with a month full of feelings usually reserved for December 31. Personally, I’m hopeful for new beginnings and a fresh perspective to carry me through the rest of 2014. I’m embracing all of the September feels in a real way. I’m also kicking off a new project with Lindsay of White Oak Creative today for 312 Beauty. I owe you all a fresh perspective here, too. Cannot wait! In that vein, let’s talk how these pretty picks will really up my September game.

Birds of a Feather Notebook – I just want to pour my thoughts and inspiration into the pages of these Rifle Paper Co. notebooks. Starting with the swans. Because why not? // Urban Decay Naked2 Basics – There’s never too much a good thing with this eye shadow franchise and I’m all about these taupey mattes. It’s inevitable that I will own this at some point this month. // Fig + Yarrow Cleansing Nectar – I’m really feeling the simple aesthetic of this line I’ve been trying out. I’m always up for inventive ways to wash my face and this liquid toner style is effective and gentle. // Deco Lariat NecklaceI love the delicate vintage brass (faux) lariat chain by my gal Michelle. // YSL Rouge Volupte in Beige Ultimate – Lindsay and I are both jonesing for this mauve-hued lipstick. It feels just fall enough without going all berry. // Kiehl’s Micro Blur PerfectorWhen September wraps, I should have smoother skin according to Kiehl’s. // Slinky Space Dye SkirtBooties and skirts – especially this cozy looking Lou & Grey one – are my September jam.

Looking Good in Dem Jeans



Jeans are the barometer for how we feel about our weight. Don’t you agree? I have skinny jeans – the attainable pair that acts as a benchmark. And there’s the skinny jeans that make me feel thin no matter my weight. Those are the best.  I really should just ditch the skinny skinnies but there’s something in my subconscious that keeps me hanging on with every closet purge. When they fit, I feel unstoppable and that’s a feeling that I’m not willing to donate to the Salvation Army.

Channeling that awesome feeling this week with some picks that go well with denim.

Madewell – First, about dem jeans. Those skinny no matter what jeans I wear are the High Risers. They are beyond slimming and never stretch out. Madewell says they do life altering things for the rearview and I ain’t mad at that claim. // Snakeskin Sneaks – These go great with denim – cutoff or full leg. // Lashes – My mom bought me the L’Oreal Butterfly mascara for my birthday and it’s knocked off the Falsies as my favorite drugstore mascara. The wand is angled and thicker on one side so lashes in your outer corner get crazy long and plumped up. // Denim Dress – Hello, fall uniform. // Lipstick QueenJean Queen – For 20 years, Poppy King was asked what’s the perfect shade to wear with jeans so she finally created one. It’s a universally flattering pink that lights up your face and offsets the blue in the fabric. // Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish – This replicates a professional blowout with just a few spritzes and tousles of the hair. A good hair day is the perfect complement to jeans. // Michelle Starbuck Chain Bracelet – I am outfitted heavily with Michelle’s vintage brass, denim or otherwise. // RMS Beauty Eye PolishI typically keep the blues to my jeans, but I need to try this silvery blue cream shadow from RMS.