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(More) Pink Lips for Spring


I’m still all about a pink lip for spring. Especially now that spring is real! Finally, I tucked my wool coat in the closet until next season. Since we last discussed, I’ve weaved in a few more shades of pink to the lip color rotation. A mix of gloss and lipstick, and lots of layering of the two. Here’s the line-up, tucked in my Stephanie Johnson Malibu lemon pouch!

Discovering a new brand is always fun, and I’ve been enjoying the getting to know Manna Kadar Cosmetics. Especially MKC’s Lipstick in Savoir Faire, a neutral rose that goes with all. This color is exactly what I wanted the famed NARS Dolce Vita to be on my lips, but that turned brown on me. I need a pink undertone otherwise my lips translate rose shades into an unflattering muddy color. MKC’s formula is extra creamy and a swipe saturates my lips for hours.

MAC launched a new Mineralize Lipstick, with a fancy new bullet and packaging. There are a handful of pretty neutral colors, but my favorite is Grande Dame. It’s classic rosy pink — not too bright and not too subtle. The kind of color that brightens everything up instantly. It has just the right amount of shine for a lipstick. These are totally worth a visit to the MAC counter.

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss wins for most spring-like packaging. There’s something that just feels right when clicking a floral-adorned tube of gloss onto lips in May. The shade Amused is extra bubblegum in the tube but a little less so on the lips. The cool blast of peppermint you feel on lips is a bonus.

The original Jouer Lip Enhancer is a nightstand staple, and the Tinted version in Cosmo is the daytime equiv. Just like the original, it’s intensely hydrating, plumping and smells slightly of roses. The soft cool pink doesn’t impart too much color on its own but can be easily amped up by layering over a lipstick. I reapply this constantly throughout the day for extra moisture!

What’s your go-to lip for spring lately? Do tell!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Transfix


There’s one in every eye shadow palette:  a dark color meant to be used as a liner. I have the hardest time making these colors work. Applying wet is an option, but I find the color fades quickly. Layering them over another eyeliner is usually the route I take, but then I’m just wearing two eyeliners. This predicament is mine no more since discovering Manna Kadar Cosmetics Transfix. It’s a clear gel that turns any eyeshadow into a long-wearing eyeliner. And, guys, it works! I’m talking busy work day, cardio workout approved level of werk. NARS Mekong, one of my favorite colors that never actually resembled what it looked like in the pan when worn, is now the eyeliner I always wanted. The NARS Night Series shadows are the sparkly intense liners Francois intended them to be. And, Bobbi Brown Caviar and Espresso, which appear regularly in her palettes, have been given a new lease on makeup life. Manna Kadar packaged it in a skinny tube with a brush, but I find I get the best mileage dabbing a few drops on the back of my hand and then using this brush to dip in shadow and then apply along the lashline. It keeps the actual product clean and gives me a little more control. It’s really nice to dust off these darker shadows I’ve been ignoring for so long!