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2017 is Going to be Epic for Beauty

I think we are in a beauty renaissance right now. It’s never been cooler to love makeup and to talk about skincare regimens at dinner. We’re at peak self-expression with beauty. Also, think about how you shop for beauty. It’s changing, right? While beauty ecommerce is still a small piece of the pie (8% of ALL beauty sales), I see that number shooting way up in 2017. And, of course, the move to safer ingredients continues to pick up steam. Basically, we are getting smarter about what we use and asking questions.

However, what will define 2017 in terms of beauty is still unknown. I’ve got a hunch about a few things beyond the burgundy lip making huge waves in October (some things are just known).  When we get to this time next year, here’s what I think we’ll remember when we reflect on 2017.

We’ll all be using neck cream. Or just moisturizing and treating our neck with our existing face creams. But, ya get the drift. There was a time this was all hooey but with ‘tech neck’ a part of our lingo, expect companies to start releasing special neck products.  StriVectin has already been about this for months already. I know I’ve started to be more deliberate about using my skincare on my neck.

Beautyblender vs. the WORLD. Everyone is coming out with a sponge. For contouring, blush, concealer, foundation, etc.  If you thought that you saw a lot of these in 2016, get ready. I really do wonder how OG BB feels about this because they completely upended the sponge category and dominated for so long. I found their origin story pretty fascinating. Beautyblender’s founder told Racked last summer, “We really have a nice little sweet spot because we are makeup’s best friend… I just plan on creating more tools that help people master the tricks of the trade.” I can’t wait to see what they do next. While I am partial to the BB for its unmatched fluffiness, I am currently trying the new Miracle Diamond Sponge from Real Techniques and the EcoTools duo.

NARS will blow our minds. Listen, they’ve already come out of the 2017 gate strong with a New Year’s Day launch of what I’m sure will be the best-selling prestige concealer of 2017 (meet the Soft Matte Complete Concealer!)

RiRi will surprise us with Fenty Beauty. I predict sensational teases and massive sellouts as soon as Rihanna’s upcoming Fenty Beauty launches this Fall. I can’t wait to see what she does. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if it is blue blush, the world will go crazy.

People will like Gwyneth again. Listen, if you are still hating on queen G, ask yourself if it’s actually her or the embodiment of Goop culture.  It’s easy to eye roll at all things like vaginal steaming and $100 ladles but even she doesn’t take herself that seriously (see: this 2015 exchange with Colbert on his Goop spoof). Further proof of her growing likeability: her chat last month with Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine is insightful, articulate and inspiring. Listen, she practices what she preaches and that authenticity is admirable. I think she summed up her reputation on pioneering wellness trends perfectly in this InStyle interview: “I’ve learned how the cycle works… It used to be that I would talk about something or write about it, and people would be like, ‘What the f— is she talking about? She’s a witch!’ And then later on it would sort of catch on. So now I just recognize it: OK, I’m going to talk about this, and people will think it’s weird, and that’s how it goes.”  Case in point: she predicts bacteriotherapy as a 2017 wellness trend. The aka on that is ‘fecal transplants.’ HEYO!

Estee Lauder will go on a shopping spree. In 2016, they bought Becca for a cool few hundred million and just closed on a 1.4 billion (yeah…with a B!) sale to acquire Too Faced.  Word on the street is that they may be eyeing Drunk Elephant next. Unless they spent all of their money on Too Faced. Who do you think is next for plucking?

And, on a personal note, I vow to contribute just a little less to beauty consumerism. Got to use what I have, people! Except I do need the new Nars concealer because I know what’s up.

What do you think about this coming year?

On the Celeb Makeup Front

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 07: Taraji P. Henson at MAC Michigan Avenue on September 7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for MAC)

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for MAC

Makeup and celebrities go together like me and wine. The connection between the two is always evolving but never wavering.  From being the face of the line to actually developing their own makeup.  Even with the welcome rise of YOU-lebrity (Glossier, anyone?), cosmetic companies will still be a medium for bringing us access to celebs. You know, by way of lipstick. Or in the case of MAC’s most recent collab with actress Taraji Henson, by way of highlighter. With anything, though, its success lies in its authenticity. MAC is known for its celeb partnerships – they release dozens each year that sell out almost as soon as they launch.

Last week, when I was standing in line outside of the MAC Cosmetics store on Michigan Ave waiting to meet Taraji Henson who was launching her three-piece collection in person, I noticed the women standing with me were as excited about the makeup as they were to meet Cookie. “The things we do to feed our makeup addiction,” I heard, as we were all trying to cope with the muggy weather. Taraji is a true MAC girl – she told stories about shopping at the mall growing up and showed everyone how she layered her Mineralize Skin Finishes for that perfect “Taraji Glow” – also the name of one of the sold out powders.  Her obvious influence on the products makes it easy to see why it sold out instantly (before her Mom could even order!)

Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder

If you’d asked me a few years ago, I might have attributed the allure of a celeb makeup line to be about attaining the unattainable. Now, I think it’s about relatability. Like, me and Posh wear the same bronzer so we could be besties, right? We all get ready in the morning to be our best self. We’re the same! ICYMI: Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder launched this week…and quickly sold out of a few items. It’s Posh so it’s ridiculously glam in that Posh way. The black and gold compacts, statement lips and very evening eyes. Somehow the flack she got for posting a “5 Minute Face” video that clearly showed her “with face” before she started made sense, at least to me. It’s Posh; do we really expect her to be skipping steps for the sake of beating the clock?

And, let us not forget the fast beauty empire Kylie Jenner is building…

Sun Protection…Because it’s Necessary, Guys


It’s not just Cinco de Mayo, no, it’s also Melanoma Monday. While I always cringe at the cutesy-ness of the moniker, it’s actually a big deal. The fact that I can’t open a magazine in May or turn on the news without seeing something about skin cancer means that the word is definitely out. So if you haven’t heard, wear sunscreen! And wear a lot…Neutrogena told me that we tend to under-apply by about 75%. I’m one of the rare few who gets excited by SPF. I think of it not as an obligation but another exciting beauty category. Every year, the formulas get better. And, with every year, I’m more concerned about sun damage. I’m battling a fine line on my forehead at the moment…shit’s getting real. Here’s a few pretty picks with MM in mind.

I cannot wait to try this sheer formula from Drunk Elephant, a natural option with skin care ingredients. // Skinceuticals Eye Defense is a tinted sunscreen for your eye area. It’s a whopping SPF 50 and acts as a primer for concealer (if you need it at all). // Clarins SPF 30 Oil can be used on hair or body. The spray helps reach those areas you always forget about, like your feet, knees, back of your neck and ears. // AHAVA SPF 15 Hand Cream also helps to undo previous sun damage to your hands. I love that it feels like a normal hand lotion and not sunscreen. It lives at my desk so I don’t forget to reapply throughout the day. // The more sunscreen you use, the more bronzer you need. How pretty is this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder compact? // This Old Navy Embroidered Cover Up deserves a spot in my summer wardrobe. // Need to get thee to Target to check out this striped floppy hat. Don’t beach without one.

The List: October 2013


I think we’re all pretty jazzed that it’s October. I’ve seen this quote from the Anne of Green Gables author no fewer than a dozen times this week in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. October is pretty magical, though. What’s not to love about the first real chill of fall and leaves changing colors? Here’s everything I’m loving for the month ahead!

Feminine fragrance. Once September wraps, it’s time to retire my summer scent. I’ve been looking for an ultra-feminine fragrance for fall, in part to balance out the “boyfriend” style wardrobe I love in the fall. Oversized everything is just so cozy! When I was previewing the new beauty floor at Macy’s a few weeks ago, I spritzed on the new Estee Lauder Modern Muse. The ladies at the counter explained to me how there are two different scent profiles that you may pick up, depending on your body chemistry. There’s the woodsy vanilla and amber musk side or jasmine and dewy citrus. The jasmine hit me right away and I’ve been wearing it every day since.

Glittery nails. I’m obsessed with the butter LONDON “Rock Your Colour” glitters for fall, especially Indigo Punk and the rust-colored Brown Sugar. Just look at this color! When the sun hits them, they glisten like crazy.

Balms, butters and more balms. With the cooler temps, I’m all in with balms. After a steamy bath, I slather my entire body in them. Ellovi Butter, rich in coconut, macadamia, marula, hemp and shea (those are the only five ingredients!), melts into skin like, well…butter. It’s not heavy at all, making it the perfect October balm. I’ve started to test the Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm and so far, it lives up to all the praise it has earned. And I’ve discovered the perfect alternative to Aquaphor with CV SkinLabs Restorative Balm. It’s packed with anti-histamine, -oxidants and -inflammatories so it actually heals and soothes!

Cherry lips. Just a tint of red is what you’ll get from Fresh Sugar Cherry. Add a messy bun and a chambray shirt and it’s like you walked out of a J. Crew catalog.

Exfoliation. My cleansing ritual is getting a major upgrade this month. I’ve started to use May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt, a blend of cleansing clays, spices and salts that you blend with water to activate. It’s like microderm at home but your skin is soft and plump afterward instead of “scrubbed.”

Boy shirts. I love men’s flannel shirts and am counting down the days until I can wear them on the regular. The more fem version from Madewell is majorly inspiring me. And, I spy a budget version of that skirt at Target. How cute would this outfit be with tights and boots?

Pastel Nails and The Case for Face Oils


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