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Get to Know Drifter Organics

Drifter Organics

You can just feel the wholesome energy coming from Drifter Organics, a mother daughter duo with big dreams to bring their whimsical organic, gluten-free and vegan skincare products into the world. They’ve taken to Kickstarter to help launch their brand, everything from sourcing ingredients, getting certifications and trademarks.

I think about the indie brands I heart so much – Osmia, La Bella Figura, One Love Organics – that I’ve been using since their early days and how I’ve loved watching them grow and become so beloved for the love and dedication to every drop of skincare they make. And think of S.W. Basics who have gone bigtime fancy at all Target stores nationwide but are still packaging in glass and sticking to their simple premise of 5 ingredients or less. It’s downright incredible.  I love how we get to connect with and support these ladies start something awesome.

I’m a proud backer of the Drifter gals campaign and can’t wait to see what Blushing Ambition, Serenity Now and Neutralizer Body Butters are all about. (The Seinfeld reference is not lost on me!) Their Kickstarter campaign goes through April 28, and they’re already more than halfway there!

Happy Friday, by the way. Or as I’m calling it, day 12 of Whole 30. I am staying true to all of the principles but I really wanted wine every night this week. Willpower, I gots it.

Do I Smell? (And Other Questions I Constantly Ask Myself)

Natural Deodorant

I want to talk to you about B.O. YEAH. That stank can knock you out. I mean, it’s basically what happens to me every time I go to CorePower and a man lays his mat next to mine. Sorry, gents. I am fascinated by our bodies. Definitely my body. Though your body, too. And the body of Mr. Namaste. For starters, I swear drinking kombucha has transformed my immune system into a military fortress — seriously, everyone I know has been sick. And I ride public transit, am a close talker and even share beverages (kombucha pusher) without thinking. Somehow, I’m more than surviving. Knocks on wood.

More on topic, however, is what goes on deep in the underarm. I’ve been really into quoting song lyrics lately, and this one just feels right, so I’m going with it:  “Your Body is a Wonderland.” More specifically, a wild ecosystem. Our forearms, a desert. The head = cool forest. And obviously, the pits, some type of rainforest (according to a 1968 essay on human skin by Mary J. Marples) Are you still reading?!

It was just ‘Body Week’ on FastCo and this article on body odor really struck a chord.  In short, antiperspirants mask a short term problem but might actually lead to more bacteria. Actually, more diverse types, which may be problematic because they are all competing to be THEE bacteria. I know, I didn’t realize that bacteria was so competitive with each other, either. That fight might be what leads to le odor as “bad” bacteria flourish.  I’m no scientist but I am fascinated by this—it’s like there is a whole other world occupying our body and waging constant war. The bigger question:  are we so anti-bacterial that we are doing our bodies more harm?

I tend to think so. My kombucha-dranking self has been a full-on natural deo convert for more than a year. Everything I read had me questioning why I was clogging my pores up with aluminum. So I quit. The transition wasn’t without struggle. The body absolutely goes through an adjustment phase and not all formulas can handle a day in the life. For me, I need a deodorant that can hack a full 15+ hours. No, I don’t want to reapply mid-day . Yes, I expect to smell like roses. I require that I maintain a pleasant aroma.

I’ve tried this cult classic and liked it until I didn’t (burn-like rash but no pain) and this newcomer (really love but use a tube too quickly) but I always go back to Nourish. The traditional stick packaging is a winner and I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed anything.  I’m not afraid to raise the roof, ever, and actually think I smell better. I feel more in balance under there than I ever have. This is a long winded way of telling you that you can do it, too, if you want. Also, your body is a freaking wonderland. John Mayer cooed as much back in the day and I’m adopting it for the sake of my point.