Mountains in a Bottle


Imagine, if you will, a hot rugged man. Hails from the countryside but can keep up with city living if he must. Though, nature and open land are more appealing to him than tall buildings and traffic any day of the week. He starts his day by making breakfast (homemade bacon, naturally) and a morning hike. He might consider shaving, later, but hesitates because he knows you like his slightly salt and peppered scruff. Glass of whiskey after dinner? Of course. Now, smell him. In my mind, he is wearing Juniper Ridge. This is I say the official body care of hot men everywhere. I think they just haven’t discovered it yet.




Juniper Ridge has a unique POV in the world of scent. They’re the only guys bottling up the wilderness and turning it into fragrance. The kind you want to curl up next to at night. Made by hikers and backpackers who distill the most authentically sexy cologne from plants, bark, moss and trees they come across on their mountain adventures. Each bottle has a harvest number on it so you can track the plants in your bottle and the Juniper Ridgers who collected them. This brand oozes so much authenticity and heart. I want to know their stories and definitely douse my husband in the smells of the Pacific Northwest.

I spritzed a little of the Big Sur Cabin Spray on at this boutique in Savannah. I was so excited to see they carried the line since I haven’t seen it in Chicago, yet. It’s a way to bring the northern California air in your atmosphere.

All photos via Juniper Ridge

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