Polished: Deborah Lippmann ‘Dancing in the Nude’


Color trends can be fleeting, but nude nails are always in style. I’m going nuts for Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Dancing in the Nude’ minis, which includes my favorite barely there nail color, Naked.  The minis are just over half the size of a full DL polish. I love options, and five little Lippmanns in this genre of color is a full-on naked nail wardrobe. The set includes:

  • Sarah Smile: The city’s sexiest sheer pink created with Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Bring On the Bling: A divine diamond shimmer containing virgin diamond powder for more luxurious, chip-resistant wear.
  • Prelude to a Kiss: A sheer, misty pink.
  • Diamonds and Pearls: An iridescent freshwater pearl shimmer.
  • Naked: A clean, bare beige

Ms. Lippmann recommends having some fun with this set by layering. Try Diamonds and Pearls over Naked to create a universally flattering hue or Bring on the Bling over Sarah Smile makes for the ultimate princess mani.

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