Better Bath Time: Sai-Sei Soap


It looks like an exotic piece of fruit but this little orb is technically a bar of soap. It really does appear to be something that would grow on a tree but the inner layer is actually a loofah. I know! The sponge buffs skin while the mineral soap moisturizes. Don’t worry if you get too ambitious, the loofah is firm and effective but it never gets too harsh. A scrub session every other day these past few weeks has made a pretty marked difference on my skin. I’m physically shedding the winter layer – eww! Exfoliating is usually a task I relegate to the shower. Most anti-bathers say they don’t like sitting in their own dirt — I never feel this way UNTIL I exfoliate with a traditional scrub. Those tiny beads and shells cling to your body and stay with you when you get out of the bath. This is completely mess free and bath-approved. Sai-Sei overall is bath friendly and I love them for it — the entire line is dedicated to honoring the cleansing rituals played out in ancient Japanese hot springs. I would have done well in that era. I first tried this after getting a sample in the last Space NK gift and am so glad I did.

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