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If I Were a Boy, I’d Have the Best Dopp Kit Ever


While shaving my legs is a beauty chore of the worst kind, if I were a boy, I know I’d feel differently about the whole shaving of the face. And I’d for sure have the most pimped out dopp kit there ever was. Indulge me while I ‘dude out’. Have you guys heard of Harry’s, the new shave company founded by Warby Parker entrepreneur Jeff Raider?  A few weeks ago, Jeff and his Harry’s co-CEO hosted a spirit-forward whiskey hour (a.k.a. a one drink maximum for moi!) at Apartment Number 9 in Bucktown, where you can try and buy Warby’s frames and now stock up on your H’.  General observation: I’m also certain it’s where all of the good looking men in Chicago congregate. But, back to Harry’s. These guys spent more than a year crafting the line, working with German engineers to design the perfect blade and connecting with chemists who make creams for high-end brands. I appreciate the modern and clean aesthetic. That tube of shave cream just belongs on my man’s side of the bathroom counter! Everything has a luxe feel to it, though the cost is anything but. Also adopting Warby’s philanthropic model, for every Harry’s ordered, they donate a blade to support veterans group, The Mission Continues.  I snagged The Truman Set for my husband! He benefits from my obsession in a big way.

In other dude news, Amazon launches a Men’s Grooming Store this week. They’ve built in these mini Men’s Fitness (which would be my favorite monthly mag, I were a boy) features to guide our dudes in finding the right scent and how to “get kissable skin.” I appreciate this all too much. And if we haven’t hit our max in dude news, Boots No7 Men is coming to Walgreens stores by the end of this month. Look for six products in total.