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Finding the Perfect Red


I’m over on The Garmenteur this week talking about red lips. Can we all agree that a killer red is a must in your lipstick wardrobe? I think the hardest part of wearing a red lip is finding the right shade. So many different options but not all are universally flattering. (except for this one – I’m convinced it may be everyone’s power red!)  I tend to get lost in the process of determining skin undertones by checking out the color of your veins. Rather than running all sorts of diagnostics on yourself to figure out if you’re warm or cool or pink or yellow, take a look in your closet.  That’s exactly the concept behind the Jouer Perfect Red collection.  Two simple questions: what colors dominate your wardrobe and what color is your hair? According to this, my perfect shade is Sophia, a creamy rose red. This is so my type of red! What’s yours?

For my 312 ladies, Jouer Founder Christina Zilber will be at the downtown Nordstrom helping you find your perfect red. Remember when she admitted right here on this blog  that she’s always been “red-lip shy”? CZ has got our back! If you happen to swing by Nordstrom, make sure to stop by and say hi to team Jouer. Trend show is going on, so the madness starts bright and early at 7am.

Faux Sure Flawless (Self) Tan


Self tanning is easier said than done. It’s definitely not what I would call lazy girl beauty. My goal with the at-home tan is to make it look 100% natural – arguably better than anything the sun could give you. It’s safer than soaking up harmful UVA and UVB rays and no worry of looking crispy and dry. After years of trial and error (and streaks), I’ve created a guide to perfecting the faux. A mix of “the buddy system” and protective gear coupled with effective self-tanners and you will be golden (for reals).

I’m over on The Garmenteur today breaking down these faux tan tips. Go check it out and have a happy Friday!

312 Beauty + The Garmenteur


{photo: 312 Beauty favs as seen on The Garmenteur}

It’s only the third day of April, but I’m absolutely loving this month…already. Warmer temps, longer days and an exciting new collaboration with The Garmenteur, a.k.a. Jenna DeBord. For years, I’ve admired her personal style and more importantly, how she knows it and owns it. Her mission? To help all of us define our style. Knowledge is power, right? From cyber styling to closet edits and – my personal fav – shop your closet consults – Jenna has a service to help us feel and look our best.  And, as she notes, your wardrobe and makeup bag go hand-in-hand. I couldn’t agree more! Yours truly will be sharing regular beauty advice on The Garmenteur’s blog, Wears of Wisdom.

To get things started, I shared my beauty DOs and DON’Ts (like DO use a facial oil and DO dirty hair, obviously) as well as the single most exciting nail polish discovery I’ve made in years.

Click on over to The Garmenteur and read my interview in full here!