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Drink Up

Sunday Riley Tidal

Last Wednesday started like any other this past month. Set my alarm for 5:15 but snoozed  until 6. Do some work while coffee brews and hunker down for an hour before realizing I need to get ready to actually leave my house. Get outside and realize I should have checked the weather because again, it’s a 20 degree difference from the day earlier. Oh, bipolar Chicago. Was only at the office for 30 minutes before I headed to a client meeting where I spent the next seven-ish hours in a conference room staring at my laptop at multiple tabs, documents and spreadsheets. In that time, I ate one grilled cheese and drank exactly 8 oz. of water. End of day hits and I have to run to meet a friend for a photoshoot and hurry as much as possible because another friend is throwing her husband a surprise party. Somewhere in between leaving work and getting to a party I was really excited for, I pick a fight with my boyfriend. At this point, I’m late to the party, cold (temp is now in the high 50s), (even more) dehydrated and isolating myself from the one person that can bring me out of any funky mood.

Is it any wonder that after a day (month) like this, I experience the mother of all flus? Was I just on a freight train and this outcome was inevitable? Lesson learned. I’m rested, medicated and on the mend. Just in time for the next two days, which is the pinnacle moment of something I have been planning at work since April. Life has a funny way of knocking you down at the worst moment. But you learn that you have to lean on those around you. None of us are on an island; an army of one. It can feel like it sometimes but that’s the Type A talking. Nothing like being sick to remember you are only human and your body has limits.

I slept more the past four days than I have in weeks. It was hard at first but then I started to feel so much better. I did an unintentional skin cleanse (ala Adina Grigore) and did the actual no makeup (not no makeup makeup) look. I did to my skin what I did to my body to heal: hydrate. I do love my beauty oils but come 95+ degrees and these water-based moisturizers feel like a dream. I actually first used Sunday Riley’s Tidal in the winter but I like it better in the heat because it’s more refreshing now. The formula is a water cream with two forms of hyaluronic acid and papaya enzymes. Basically, it plumps up your skin and smooths it at the same time. It’s really incredible. I notice a difference in my skin especially because I haven’t been wearing any makeup. I’ve also been testing Tatcha’s Pore Perfecting Water Gel. It has a pearly hue (that’s the hint of gold dust) and balances skin flawlessly —a tinted moisturizer will be the perfect layer on top. Now that I’m back to wearing light makeup, I’ll be trying that combo. And, new to me, the Honest Beauty Magic Balm…which I’m trying out in these 19 ways.

And, another reminder that all pain is relative? The horrible tragedy in Orlando. My heart goes out. Unfair and infuriating. A peaceful (and healthy week) to all.

A Cleanser Combo Worth a Wooooo

Clarisonic Cleansing

One of my duties hosting The Makeup Date at Bloomingdale’s a few weks ago was to pick all of the raffle winners. I had an oversized glass bowl that I swooshed all of the entries around in – fun stuff. I would probably be mortified if I saw myself on video because every time I picked a name and saw the person stand up, I had this visceral reaction of throwing my hands up and shouting wooooooo wooooo. Just like that. It was like I was at a football game and there was some epic touchdown to win the game. Every time. I picked more than a dozen names! I guess I’m genuinely that excited to give away beauty products.

One of those giveaways was a Clarisonic – I was beaming when I handed over a box filled with a brand spanking new Mia. You see, sonic cleansing is the business. I’ve been a convert for three years. The team at Clarisonic told me that the device removes 30x more pollution from skin than hands alone. This stat doesn’t make me cringe; instead I feel a sinister smile creeping because I love to wash my face and get after that gook. And after three years, I’ve discovered a combo that is just doing it for me. Doing it well. There’s a whole posse of Clarisonic brush heads but the newest Radiance is incredible. The bristles are extra fine and soft—even more so than the Sensitive. Paired with Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and this is the most pampering two minutes of my day. This cleanser is worth every penny – I’ve never used anything quite like it. The Clarisonic transforms it into a foaming wonderland with French clay to help tighten and cleanse pores, vitamin c to brighten and essential oils of frankincense, jasmine and sandalwood to tone and balance. It’s definitely woooo woooo worthy.

All Hail Alicia Florrick

The Good Wife Beauty

Fall premiere week is like Christmas. I admittedly watch an embarrassing amount of network TV. I still DVR Grey’s Anatomy so I’m basically a rare dinosaur. I won’t even try to defend this action. It really is what it is. The most thrilling part of the week was last night’s return of The Good Wife. I live for Alicia Florrick. She’s a role model. A fierce, bold, strong and badass female. I wish she were real. Today’s pretty picks is dedicated to her.

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Primer – Flawless porcelain skin is just one of Alicia’s signatures. This primer has a tint so I find I wear less foundation with this as a base. It does incredible things for the face. // Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon – For five seasons, I’ve admired how well Julianna Margulies pulls off a 90s style brown red lip. Bite’s crayon in Cognac fits the bill. // Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote – All business ladies need a great tote. // Ann Taylor Coated Zip Skirt – My day to day is a lot more casual than the pencil skirts, blazers and dresses that Alicia sports but I’m loving the edge of this skirt. Especially with the booties. // Bobbi Brown Brightening Blush – The Good Wife does not go too bright with her blush. Bobbi’s bronzing blush is on the money. // NARS Stylo Liquid Liner – It’s a hard life owning your own law firm and mourning your ex-lover…Alicia ddoesn’thave time for smudgy eyeliner. When I need to go day to night and into the night, NARS it is.

And now let’s talk about that premiere…except not in a spoiler-y way. Wow!