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A Few Things about Beauty and Podcasts

Of A Kind Planter

I had to laugh recently . I’m not sure where I read it, but it was an article about how in order to keep listeners, podcasts would have to explore other mediums, visuals, videos, etc. And, I thought, do you mean a blog? Have we gone completely full circle? Seriously?! I love the podcast for its simplicity. I listen to them when I get ready in the morning, when I’m cleaning my house and when I’m commuting to work.  There’s no clicking or viewing required, just a good old fashioned radio program, really.

One I have been loving – like binging on the archives loving – is A Few Things with Claire and Erica. It’s the podcast born out of the newsletter that was born out of the online shop Of A Kind.  If you’ve yet to explore, Of A Kind is an online shop featuring the stories of emerging designers. I love their business model because I am someone who likes to be told a story and to get to know the person behind the business.

The podcast extension is fantastic.  Of A Kind founders Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, cover off on all sorts of “things” – best socks, ways to use a Magic Eraser, how surprisingly good the TSA Instagram is, etc. and also have conversations with designers and awesome women. This week’s podcast was literally a 45 minute interview about Erica’s beauty routine and I could have listened to her talk for another 45. We’re talking techniques on applying coconut oil as body lotion (granular deets – like apply to your elbow first!), how to towel dry hair, when to put on lipstick. It was in honor of their foray into beauty on Of A Kind. Previously, the site was fashion, home, accessories and they officially made the jump into personal care.

Of A Kind Stowaway

Of A Kind Soapwalla

They have some favorites of mine, like Soapwalla deodorant, S.W. Basics Oil Serum and also a limited – 25 of a kind available – set from Stowaway Cosmetics called The Clairica. After hearing so many episodes of A Few Things cover off on beauty items, it’s so awesome to see it reflected on the site.

Totally recommend catching up on A Few Things. It’s how I discovered these socks and this bra! Also, on my must-listen list: Who? Weekly – I cry laughed on the train one morning listening – and Modern Love, because f-i-n-a-l-l-y!

What are you listening to that I need to be? All of your podcast recs please.

Photos via Of A Kind, herehere and here.

Holiday, Celebrate! 2015 Favorite Things

Stowaway Cosmetics

I approach every holiday as my own personal Oprah’s favorite things. You get a lip balm, you get a blanket, and YOU ALL GET A HAND CREAM. Essentially. Nothing makes me happier than giving a gift that is loved. Last year, I gave everyone on my teams at work Michelle Starbuck jewelry. I carefully selected each piece for the person and feel so happy when I see it being worn and loved.

The 312 Beauty guide to holiday gifting is kicking off today and continuing for the next several weeks with snippets of all of my favorite things. I’m going full on O, it’s going to be a blast! Winter showed up this past weekend and the snow really accelerated my holiday spirit. I put my Christmas tree up on Saturday because I wanted it to be up and waiting for me after Thanksgiving. Cozying up in my living room with only the light of the tree is bliss and I’m perfectly content with it up this early.

Stowaway Cosmetics Lip Creme

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and travel, my very first gift pick is from Stowaway Cosmetics. Have you heard of these guys? Stowaway is confronting a huge beauty dilemma. The reality is that we all have a ton of half used expired makeup that we can’t (and shouldn’t at that point) finish. When is the last time you finished an entire tube of lipstick? Stowaway’s right-sized essentials are more than minis but not so oversized that you can’t finish or weigh your makeup down trying.

Stowaway Cosmetics Holiday

They make a compelling case for minimalism. Stowaway’s Cheek & Lip Rouge is one-third the size of an average blush. Their Effortless Eyeliner? Size of a q-tip. The Crème Lipstick: smaller than your pinky finger! And the Creaseless Concealer may look like a sample but it is crazy concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. Stowaway absolutely mastered pint-sized pretty and put a bow on it (literally) with their right-sized winter gift sets.

It’s entirely acceptable if you have the urge to gift this to yourself.