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Golden Girl


Bring on the faux sun, because the real stuff is freaking me out. I’m still out there getting sunnied but find I can’t really enjoy those Summer Shandys if I’m not properly suited up with my SPF armor. Mother’s Day was a glorious 80 degrees and within minutes of being outside, I knew something was about to go down. I borrowed my niece’s hat, a heavy layer of sunscreen and watched as my arms turned a lovely shade of brown within a half hour. All I could think was I’m so glad that isn’t happening on my face…and for good measure applied more sunscreen. Neurotic? Absolutely. In need of some color on my face? Oh, you know it.



Getting self-tanner right on the face is easier than the body – less ground to cover – but usually has the same pain points. I went to a Clarins event back in the polar vortex days and heard about their new Golden Glow Booster. It’s a totally new concept in self-tanning. Mix three drops into your moisturizer – day or night (or both you wild child!) – and a natural tan develops within 12 hours. Repeat for a few days and the results get even better. Within a few weeks of daily use, it maintains that natural hue versus getting all Jersey Shore. This one is a keeper!

note: sample received

Self-Tanner, Blingy Beauty Oil and Summer Fridays


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Cheers to the start of summer Fridays! I pinned this image last week, and all I can think about are the sunny and hot summer days ahead!

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