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Pattern Body Wash


Email overload is the plague of unproductivity. I go through stages of unsubscribing from newsletters, sometimes only to subscribe back to them. Take the e-sample sale overload. I’m all “stop sending me emails” only to be like “wait, I missed that sale?” Vicious cycle. The exact opposite of this is the email I got from Pattern Body Wash telling me I was a daily winner of their newsletter subscribers. Thrilling, because I was excited to try them out and I couldn’t recall actually getting any emails from them before. One of my favorite bloggers, Lara of The Glossarie, raves about Pattern and her praise led me to doing some clicking around late last year.

Pattern, maker of more naturally formulated body washes, sent me a body wash of my choice. I opted for the Citrus, because anything grapefruit thrills me. And Pattern’s take on citrus is a little on the nontraditional side, with a twist of peppermint. I appreciate that I was able to try the product before splurging, since a bottle of body wash runs $20 a bottle. My test was a success – I absolutely love the product –and am now eyeing up the Black Pepper and Sage varieties. This is one brand I won’t be unsubscribing from anytime soon. Check Pattern and their daily giveaway out here.