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Makeup Bags with an Attitude


Etsy remains one of the internet’s best time sucks. I don’t even want to confess how often I just input “boston terrier” into the search bar to see what pops up. For what it’s worth…really GOOD stuff. I enable my dog lady tendencies regularly, mmmkay?  And there’s that time last week where I spent a good 30 minutes evaluating legwarmers. Doesn’t this pair look especially cozy? I could go on, but first, I need to tell you about my newest Etsy fixation. Meet Pamela Barsky. She makes cheeky canvas bags and pouches that I want to collect and use based on my mood.  Feeling sassy? There’s a makeup bag for that. Hungry? That too. Traveling? Of course. Think of them as a someecard in bag form. They make the best gifts!

Here’s a few of my favs.


Oh, boohoo!


If you love beauty products, you better believe this statement bag is the truth.


Always the case. Bags help mask purse chaos!

If you’re in search of an accessory with a little sass, wander on over to her shop here!