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A Few Things about Beauty and Podcasts

Of A Kind Planter

I had to laugh recently . I’m not sure where I read it, but it was an article about how in order to keep listeners, podcasts would have to explore other mediums, visuals, videos, etc. And, I thought, do you mean a blog? Have we gone completely full circle? Seriously?! I love the podcast for its simplicity. I listen to them when I get ready in the morning, when I’m cleaning my house and when I’m commuting to work.  There’s no clicking or viewing required, just a good old fashioned radio program, really.

One I have been loving – like binging on the archives loving – is A Few Things with Claire and Erica. It’s the podcast born out of the newsletter that was born out of the online shop Of A Kind.  If you’ve yet to explore, Of A Kind is an online shop featuring the stories of emerging designers. I love their business model because I am someone who likes to be told a story and to get to know the person behind the business.

The podcast extension is fantastic.  Of A Kind founders Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, cover off on all sorts of “things” – best socks, ways to use a Magic Eraser, how surprisingly good the TSA Instagram is, etc. and also have conversations with designers and awesome women. This week’s podcast was literally a 45 minute interview about Erica’s beauty routine and I could have listened to her talk for another 45. We’re talking techniques on applying coconut oil as body lotion (granular deets – like apply to your elbow first!), how to towel dry hair, when to put on lipstick. It was in honor of their foray into beauty on Of A Kind. Previously, the site was fashion, home, accessories and they officially made the jump into personal care.

Of A Kind Stowaway

Of A Kind Soapwalla

They have some favorites of mine, like Soapwalla deodorant, S.W. Basics Oil Serum and also a limited – 25 of a kind available – set from Stowaway Cosmetics called The Clairica. After hearing so many episodes of A Few Things cover off on beauty items, it’s so awesome to see it reflected on the site.

Totally recommend catching up on A Few Things. It’s how I discovered these socks and this bra! Also, on my must-listen list: Who? Weekly – I cry laughed on the train one morning listening – and Modern Love, because f-i-n-a-l-l-y!

What are you listening to that I need to be? All of your podcast recs please.

Photos via Of A Kind, herehere and here.