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The Swedish Scene

On a scribbled page in my journal is a list of places I want to explore. And it’s not all far or exotic; in fact, there is tons of Chicago on there. You know I’m all about that love your city and it will love you back life. Case in point: checking this new mural out over Memorial Day weekend.  However, quickly rising up to the top of that list is Sweden. I’m realizing that practically all of the music I’m feeling (or more accurately, music that is giving me serious feels) lately stems from Swede-born artists. Lykee Li on repeat for the past six months, basically. And I do have Scandinavian roots…Finland, so heyyyyy ancestral neighbors. I’m also certain that there is a pretty legit eco beauty scene burgeoning that I know very little about. I’m working on getting up to speed.

I got a sneak peek at Sweden’s Myhavtorn — pronounced ‘my have torn’ – a small family-owned beauty company that is making their U.S. debut this month. Myhavtorn reads ‘my seabuckthorn’ in Swedish, the sea buckthorn berry – and star ingredient of its products – is harvested on the brand’s family farm, handpicked and cold-pressed on site to extract the oil from the seeds. Sea buckthorn, in all its orange-hued glory, is incredibly high in vitamins A, C, E and omegas 3-6-7-and 9. It hovers just short of miracle healer status – its super powers lie in its regenerative abilities. I’m impressed by Myhavtorn’s Organic Facial Oil (the hero product) made with sea buckthorn, argan and avocado oils. Simple yet powerful. A few drops at night and I wake up with hydrated and brighter skin. The word I would use is stabilizing.

For its U.S. debut the brand is also launching a Body Oil and Facial Essence (a.k.a. toner meets cleanser). The Body Oil is particularly special. I realize I have a serious penchant for luxurious body oils and this falls in that realm, for sure. After the sea buckthorn (which makes this citrus in color!) there’s lemongrass, rosemary, juniper, ylang ylang oils blended with grapeseed, sesame, safflower and avocado oils. Are you kidding me with that ingredient list?! I liken the smell to that of sunshine – it’s uplifting. To get more mileage out of body oils, apply on damp skin. It soaks in quickly and you use less product. Or, mix in a small pump to your existing body lotion to extend the life of the bottle.

There’s something endearing about a small family-owned brand that pours love into growing the ingredients it puts directly into its products. I appreciate the no frills packaging (for now) and true focus on making what’s inside the best for your skin. I’m feeling you, Swedes. See ya soon in the homeland?