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For When You Need ‘Mi’ Time


Ever since I read this HBR piece, “Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are,” I’m really aware of how I respond when people ask me how I’m doing or what I’ve been up to. When I characterize my days as busy, it’s not at all a humble brag. If anything, it’s a cry for help! Though I know that is the last thing people want to hear. Myself included. The truth is while I may be stuck in the “busy” trap, there’s some really good stuff happening along the way. I’m trying to appreciate it rather than mask complaints. And I know how to keep myself from being completely overwhlemed –usually some form of me time. A bath before bed, binge-watching Orange is the New Black (finally!) and squeezing in moments during the day to just breathe and not let my inbox or calendar own me. I’ve even discovered a delightful new “mi” time — that is, MIYU Beauty. The brand, which just launched in August, pairs skincare with beauty teas for an “inside out” complexion treatment. It’s all so smart and every detail in MIYU’s products is a treat. Even the tea sachets themselves are little luxuries.


There’s the ‘de-stress mi’ beauty essence and tea to calm down a stressed mind or the ‘hydrate mi’ duo for a literal fresh drink of water. The icy cool peppermint in ‘de-stress mi’ really does help bring a sense of calm. My afternoon Rx? Spritz the mist, which is formulated with peppermint, dandelion, licorice and honeysuckle, in between meetings and sip the tea later in the afternoon while checking off at least two items off the to-do list.  The tea also has peppermint to release tension but is balanced with chamomile blossom to soothe from within. And to make a good thing great, MIYU offers minis, including the Prettea Little Quartet which gives you a sampling of all four products. It’s too good to pass up!