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Hail to a Blemish Serum That Works


For years, getting a zit meant usually treating it with a drying agent of some sort and then trying to cover with concealer only to have it look dry and cakey. Eventually, I gave up and just let the occasional spout of acne ride its course. I find zits easier to cover when you’re not worried about drying/picking/peeling. But, still, clear skin is always the goal. I now bow down to this tiny bottle of Osmia Organics Spot Treatment. Small but mighty. It’s the opposite of what you think of when it comes to acne treatment. It’s a simple, but potent, blend of seven essential oils, including lemon, parsley, thyme and cypress, to fight bacteria growth and diminish blemishes, with evening primrose oil to heal.  Hail to the simple and natural. It’s effective at preventing blemishes from even cropping up and becoming the nuisances we know all too well.  I constantly have tiny blemishes along my hairline and a particularly stubborn one on my forehead. A consistent sweep of the rollerball along those areas nightly, and anywhere else about to erupt, and the situation just seems to normalize. And as an added bonus, the scent makes for a boost of aromatherapy before bed.