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butter LONDON Launches Makeup Collection


Rockover is the new makeover, according to butter LONDON. We know them for their always on-trend nail polish shades and for expanding our vocabulary with cheeky British slang, and now the brand is making waves with its first full-blown makeup collection. The Bespoke Colour Collection is outside the box in the best way. Think lime green nails for fall with eyeliner and mascara to match. But don’t fret. The seemingly wild colors are also balanced with rich blues and deep browns and the perfect sheer lip neutral colors that go with everything.

I chatted with butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador Katie Hughes this week while she wraps up the ‘Rock Over’ tour that’s stopped at dozens of Ulta stores across the country. It’s fitting that Chicago is her final stop, as she has family here and loves to visit as much as she can. Note: she once went to Hot Doug’s three consecutive days. This Brit loves her some Chi-town!


Your title of Global Colour Ambassador just got even broader. There’s SO MUCH color in this collection! 

Butter London is known for best nail lacquer colors and we wanted to create a makeup collection that spoke to that and was also on trend. All of these colors are going backstage with me this [Fashion Week] season.  I think that people are just starting to experiment with color. Think even a few years ago – going into the board room at work, colored nail polish was frowned upon. Now it’s everywhere. Glitter, bright colors, white nails.  You can be more adventurous with your eyes.  People are embracing blues and purples. I think they are the new neutrals.

What are some of your favorite Bespoke looks?

The pencil in the green story – Jaded Jack – is one of one of my favorites and looks amazing in the tear duct area. Everything in the line has a multiple use. All of the mascaras can be used in the hair and brows. Try the brown mascara on the brows. Just take the entire product off with a tissue and skim it over the brows without touching the skin. I use the CHEEKY on the lips, LIPPY balm on the cheeks and the Pistol Pink WINK eye pencil on the lips. Alabaster Gaze Cream Shadow works as a highlighter. Even the mascaras double as eyeliners. Apply the Union Jack Black pencil and let it be lived in for a moment and then take a really thin eyeliner brush and layer the mascara over it. I wore the pink the other day and got so many compliments. When people look at you when you wear color, they do a double take. It’s not crazy nuts just a hint. I like to be understated, use one color at a time.

What do you mean by ‘lived in’?

My personal makeup style on set is makeup that looks like its effortless. Creased shadow doesn’t bother me. It looks lived in and that’s what I want to see. I want character not retouched makeup. If you get your base right and pick the right foundation that’s buffed and beautiful, whatever goes for the rest of the face. I work with smudges and purposefully smush my mascara into the bottom lash because I like that slightly edgy look.


The WINK cream shadows are softer colors – I’m especially loving that gold!  How do you like to use these?

They are designed to be a wash of color. If you want to build, layer them together rather than putting on more. The cream shadow and liner are like best friends – they work even better together. Apply a dab of the cream shadow to the lid and take the liner across the lashline and blend right away with your ring finger. I always go back in at the lash to get more depth with the pencil.

Last year, during the Erdem show at London Fashion Week, I did the nails with a color called Hen Party which looks like organza and NARS did really neutral makeup with a matte saturation of lilac in the inner corners. That pop of purple looked so gorgeous and I’ve been using these that way. Be very slapdash about it. Go back to basics and don’t think so hard.


Can we expect more makeup from butter LONDON?

Yes, we’re going to grow and grow. We’re always going to be a nail care and color brand but we’ll now launch makeup with our lacquers. Big colors with themes and we’ll start growing into collections that are, for example, 12 shades of the same product so we’re building our portfolio.

Chicago ladies, don’t miss the opp to meet Katie yourself and get a “Rock Over!” She’ll be introducing the Bespoke Colour Cosmetics at two ULTA stores today. From 11-2 p.m. at the State Street location in the Loop and from 3-6 p.m. at the 2754 North Clybourn ULTA location.