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Five People to Follow in 2015

People to Follow on Social

Considering I check my social media, I don’t know, probably a dozen times each day (if not more; OK, fine, definitely more), I like to uncover interesting stories, experiences and points of views. I’m over resolving to detox from the world of social – though fully support those that can successfully detach – and instead am committing to filling my feeds with the bold and thought-provoking. Don’t fret, though, I still really appreciate pictures of your dogs and breakfast, too.

In no particular order…

Abode Abide calls her web presence a solace of ebb and flow and that feels spot on. Every Instagram begins with a single word or phrase and she manages in just a sentence or two to convey so much feeling and emotion. She reminds me that no moment is insignificant and reflection is necessary.

I got to know Stella Blackmon when I was in Palm Springs with Clementine Daily last summer. She just graduated from the University of Missouri and is wise beyond her years. Her sweet old soul comes across genuinely on Instagram. The composition of her photos, the captions and insights she shares are my favorite.

If I could only follow one person on Twitter, it would be Felicia Sullivan, author and voice behind the blog “love life eat.” Most days I purposefully go see @felsull for the sole reason to catch up on her tweets. She shares a flurry of news everyday, but also some real thinkers. I can think of a handful of occasions where she’s brought me to tears from one of her shares. Follow her immediately!

I proudly join 5.6 million other people in following Elizabeth Dehn (a.k.a. Beauty Bets) on Pinterest. Beauty tips, recipes, style, discoveries and the perfect non-cheesy pinspirational quotes that have you clicking so hard on that ‘pin it’ button yourself.

On a personal level, Lindsay Humes of White Oak Creative has challenged me in so many positive ways. I value her friendship, talent and creative smarts. If she’s sharing something for the world, I know it always serves a purpose. From the original artwork she creates for her ‘wearing literature’ series to the digital marketing advice she shares regularly on Twitter, the girl is a boss.

Inspiration in Accidental Success

RMS Beauty

It was nearly five years ago. I was in New York for The Makeup Show—practically triple the size of the Chicago show that inhabits the Bridgeport Art Center every June. Inside the massive convention center was a tiny table manned by an even tinier Rose Marie Swift. Ya know, THEE RMS Beauty. Friend to Giselle. Preferred makeup artist of Victoria Secret models. Architect of the nouveau dewy J. Crew model glow. At the time, I didn’t know RMS from REM but appreciated how her kind and approachable smile lured me into conversation. I used the personal interaction to get a recommendation on skin care…by way of her makeup line. This was a time before I really understood the impact ingredients had on my skin.

I’ve always flagged this moment as one that kickstarted my passion for green beauty. Her “Un” Cover-Up and Living Luminizer were instant proof that eco-friendly did not mean ineffective. I’ve always had a serious respect for Rose Marie. Now, consider it full-blown admiration. I must have read this recent interview with Rose Marie in The Cut a dozen times. In the vein of inspiration week, let’s talk about it.

I’ll summarize with cliffnotes, but I encourage you to read in full, too…

  • Interested in curing acne? Rose Marie says load up on probiotics by the MEGA dose.
  • No one poops properly (yeah, I really heart her for giving legit advice about this topic in New York magazine)
  • She shares a dog with Miranda Kerr. And it eats sprouts.
  • When asked how she got her start in the makeup biz, she says, “I actually never wanted to be a makeup artist. I completely faked it. I still don’t want to be a makeup artist.”
  • And, if that level of honesty doesn’t shock you, consider how she responded when asked how she started RMS Beauty: “I didn’t want to create a line; I’m lazy. I started writing for the BeautyTruthsite, talking about all the chemicals in the cosmetics industry. And doing that, I actually got more work. It lifted me up to somebody who had something to say…J started looking at the pseudo-green lines that were out at the time, and was just like, This isn’t a green brand! And before I knew it I had a makeup line.”

Bless you, Rose Marie.

Between us, I always feel like such a dud when asked where do you see yourself in [insert # of years] question. I loathe that question. Sure, I have goals and vision. And in business – particularly for the entrepreneurial set – you need a plan. But, I don’t want to prescribe how my life, passion and career unfolds. And I find incredible inspiration in an accidental makeup artist turned green beauty mogul who to this DAY admits she’s “lazy” and didn’t necessarily pursue any of her success.