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The Growing it Out Phase

Restore Mask

Without fail, I’m always blindsided by the clocks changing. What Leap Day gave us, daylight savings took away. I spent a good part of my weekend tasking. I did my taxes, shopped for Whole 30 and watched the current season of House of Cards. Sometimes I guilt myself for binge watching but I admit, it felt nice to shelf some work for the weekend and chill. Plus, this season of House of Cards is a major improvement from the last one so I couldn’t stop! If you were just meh on season 3, I think you’ll be doing the same. Somewhere between Chapters 50 and 51, I took a bath break so I could use the Living Proof Restore mask. I leave it in for about 15-20 minutes. Every time I get frustrated with my hair, this helps me from considering a drastic move. I’m in the growing out phase and I’m getting the urge to chop it all off again. I estimate that this feeling will pass by Memorial Day so until then I’m being creative because I do want to see it long-ish again. This mask softens my hair like nothing else and by morning, a flat iron through it reminds me of how long my hair is getting. And it’s super shiny as a result. Fun throwback hair accessories help, too. During the week – especially when I’m at work – I clip my hair up with a barette or an old school claw (I have my originals, circa ’98). Way more exciting than my usual scrunchie or messy bun, which feel like bedtime hair to me. Any tips for that “I really want long hair but can’t deal with the process” would be much appreciated. I will stay strong! Also, happy Monday. Yes, it was beyond dark out this morning but at least we have the evening to look forward to.