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New Year, New Attitude, Great Skin

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I’ve had a few weeks to consider my to-do list for 2014. Some framethis exercise as setting resolutions, others prefer the word goal. While I certainly have personal and professional goals, I’m setting my intention for how I want to approach this year. The power of positive thinking (and doing!) I’ve had a great few months teaming with Kohl’s Beauty and for our final collaboration, I thought it would be fun to film a video message. The twist?  I’m not wearing any makeup. A top ‘to-do’ for me this year is to be confident in everything I do. Certainly, cozying up on camera in my most natural state is a step. It’s something I likely wouldn’t have done a few years ago, but I’ve made it a priority to focus on my skin and treat it well. If you know me or visit here often, you know I take my masking and moisturizing quite seriously. My Sunday spa-days at home are more than a routine, but rather a ritual I rely on for clarity on every level.

No makeup, no problem!

Mixed in with the big picture approach to my 2014 to-do list (smile! laugh! be happy!) is a very tactical ‘wash your face every night.’ On a basic level, it’s the first step in proper skin care. On another level, there’s something very therapeutic at the end of a busy day to wash it all off. To get rid of the day’s stress and allow your skin to heal itself and recoup while you sleep. So, with that, a few tips to get you going.

  • I’ve used a cleansing brush for years – love it, especially when traveling! Kohl’s sells a version from Dermatouch that helps remove makeup and exfoliate skin.
  • Always remove your eye makeup before washing your face. H2O Plus has a gentle version. If I’m wearing heavy eyeliner, I follow up with a q-tip along my lashes to get it all. I hate waking up with black smears!
  • The double wash was a game-changer for me. Using an oil cleanser first to break down face makeup is the best way to really clean out your pores without stripping your natural oils (which leads to breakouts). Consider this option from PurMinerals.
  • Try a good old fashioned facial steam. Pour boiling water in a glass bowl and hover your face (safely) over the bowl. Bonus points if you first steep a bag of green tea for a blast of antioxidants. Follow-up with a detox mask and a moisturizing balm.

Cheers to good skin and a positive 2014!

Note: This post is sponsored by SheKnows Experts Among Us  and Kohl’s Beauty. All opinions, tips and recommendations are my own.

Stuff that Stocking


The stuffing of the stocking is the best part of the whole holiday gift season, both in terms of giving and receiving. The more miscellaneous the mix, the better. I come from a very utilitarian family—you’ll find socks and underwear in our stockings among the fun stuff. It’s always the last gift opened and we take our time appreciating each treat. For this gift guide, I teamed with SheKnows.com and Kohl’s Beauty to share my top stocking stuffers.

When I was in Wisconsin a few weeks ago at the Kohl’s Beauty Trade-in event, the team showed me the most clever sleep mask from Earth Therapeutics. It looks like an eye bra, but that shape makes it so your lashes and eyes don’t get crushed.  I also picked up this Hello Kitty Headband for my nieces. It is seriously the cutest.

Nail polish is a stocking staple and the colors from Essie’s winter collection are perfect. My favorite is the pale blue Parka Perfect. I love this trio of lip products: the Sugar Lip Scrub that smells like cake, the moisturizing H2O Plus Lip Mender and Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Stick for a little hint of color. All three make for a lovely lip wardrobe.

I always try to gift others with my favorite things…channeling my inner Oprah and all. The Real Techniques makeup brushes are some of the best, especially the Stippling Brush which applies cream blush like a rock star. Everyone needs this brush!

There are also the stocking stuffers that you can’t help but treat yourself to in the process. I could not resist the LORAC Red Hot Lashes set. The studded lash curler did me in and it even comes with a full-sized mascara.

Note: This post is sponsored by SheKnows Experts Among Us  and Kohl’s Beauty. All opinions, tips and recommendations are my own.

Kohl’s Beauty Trade-in Event Redux



By far the crowd favorite beauty items were the Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder and LORAC Starry Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trios. My favorite? Discovering this bejeweled red lash curler!


Also, a blast from the beauty past…Sugar is back. Remember that massive pan of bronzer? While I was checking out the display, I played around with these cute little balms! They deliver on the tint front — the pink is just bright enough.

This post is brought to you by SheKnows Experts Among Us and Kohl’s Beauty.

312 To Do: H2O Plus Warehouse Sale


Mega-deal alert for the Chi crowd: H2O Plus will host its 15th annual warehouse sale this Saturday, June 8, from 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The ocean-friendly brand will be discounting its sea-derived skincare, spa, hair care, gift sets and accessories by up to 80% off. The sale action will take place at its west loop HQ –845 W. Madison. The sale is open to all and numbered entry tickets are issued upon arrival.  Also, Saturday happens to be World Oceans Day. To celebrate, the brand will be donating 10% of net sales from its ocean-inspired Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel to to EarthEcho International. While this item won’t be available at the warehouse sale, it’s online now for $10.