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That’s a Wrap, February

February was the bee’s knees. It’s never a month I hang my year on, but I’d take many more like this if given the choice. Usually the month known best for separating polar vortex from more daylight, I typically like February because it’s short. It is never 70 degrees in Chicago in February. Especially not for a week.  I also ended the month in Tulum, so February delivered on all fronts.

I felt a responsibility to get outside and enjoy the city. I had ice cream. I walked so much I got blisters. In my effort to soak up the sun, I happened to stumble into Barney’s. Truthfully, shopping in store at Barney’s leaves much to be desired.  At least in Chicago. I find it to be stuffy and overbearing at best. I went in there to admire Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land and was bombarded by sales folks interested in selling me other fragrances. When a girl says she’s good, believe her. Byredo’s limited pink rollerball won out in the end. Barney’s might be the only retail establishment in Chicago that didn’t remind me that my bag would be an extra .07 cents and did I prefer to use my own?

Remember when I mentioned I’d report back on Nars new concealer? Hi, reporting back to tell you it’s incredible. I fully expected that I’d be Vanilla – the shade I am in the Radiant Creamy Concealer – but I found it to be too pink. I found a perfect match in Custard for my skin but not a strong match for undereyes. It’s all good, though, because I like this best as a spot concealer. I like blending it in with my fingers because it melts into skin so easily. I press it onto redness, blend it around my nose and have even tried using it as an eyeshadow base (which works!) It has a dry airy texture that is undetectable on skin – I would recommend this to anyone with any skin type. Basically, having skin is the criteria for loving this one.

The folks at trèStiQue introduced themselves to me in February.  I’d seen a few of their products – all 2-in-1 – on the endcap at Sephora but never paid much attention. I love pencils, don’t get me wrong, but had I seen them all? Was there more you could do that I haven’t already seen? Why is their name so complicated to spell out? No, yes and it means très chic. Think of them as the MacGayver of the beauty world. Everything has multiple uses and hidden compartments. The magnetic closure is also highly satisfying to hear click. I’ve been using the Color & Smudge Shadow Crayon in Venetian Gold most days all over my lid. It’s the perfect non-brassy neutral wash of color that brightens eyes. No other shadow or brush required.

You may have seen on Instagram that my Surratt curler is always lurking in the background. I was a faithful Shu user for years and eventually I wore it out. I decided to try something new – the black matte Relevée Lash Curler was a nice shift. I am a proponent of investing in a lash curler. Have you ever pinched your eyelid before? I have. It was traumatic and I justify having champagne taste with my tools. I use it every single day and the pads last a long time. I’m not going to tell you how long I used my Shu curler without changing the pads because I’m downright embarrassed.

Aveda came out with a new product called Tulasāra wedding masque, designed for overnight wear. I got the press materials and it said something like 100% of people experienced brighter skin after wearing. Say what?? It’s inspired from a pre-wedding tradition in India where the bride and groom spread turmeric paste to prep their skin for a wedding day glow.  I absolutely love this and it does have an overnight brightening effect that you can see. I use it as a last step at night – sometimes hours after putting on my skincare. I envision my skin drinking it all up while I sleep. Like an extra glass of water.

What were February’s highlights for you?

p.s. Sure to be the highlight of March….Glossier launched a gel cream blush today called Cloud Paint! I am SO IN.  

October Favs

october beauty favoritesI’m thinking it’s time to resurrect the favorites. I used to pin them and realized that board is long overdue for an update. I’ll get on that by way of also checking in monthly. Starting with some new and old discoveries that I could not get enough of this month.

october favorites First, this Artis brush! After seeing pretty much everyone rave uncontrollably about these brushes, I just had to see what it was all about and I am so on board. I went with the Oval 7 since it was the most versatile in size. You can use it for pretty much all things face and I do. It blends foundation flawlessly with ease – no product is absorbed into the brush so coverage is better. And, it’s less of a blend and more of a swipe. It really is a different experience altogether. I use it with my Glossier Skin Tint and even though that formula is sheer, this method elevated the coverage.

october beauty favorites

anastasia master palette by mario

I have been trying to find the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette for MONTHS – literally, since July I think? – and I gave up. But I did make sure I snatched up the Master Palette by Mario (makeup artist to Kim K!) as soon as it was available. These colors are earthy and rich. The textures are smooth and they are so pigmented. I get why they sell out instantly.

nars bound velvet lip glide

The Nars answer to liquid lipstick is phenomenal. It glides on like a gloss and with time, fades to a velvet stain. I do pit this in more of a lip gloss category because it takes a while for the oils and moisture to absorb into your lips. I’m obsessed with the color Bound – it’s a mauvey pink, neutral with a kick.

Seasonal changes are rough on my skin and I noticed some of my usual go-to concealers were caking around my nose (where I have the most redness and need it!) and around my eyes. I have been loving Too Faced Born This Way Concealer – solved those problems easily. It has a thin creamy consistency and that I find melds with your skin instead of sitting on top. I use the Light shade for under eyes and for redness.

Another complexion discovery that I find myself using almost every day is bareMinerals Bare Pro. It’s a powder foundation but I usually don’t use it beyond my t-zone. I’ve been opting for lighter complexion products – Glossier Tint and concealer, mainly – so this is the perfect companion to amp up the wear time without adding weight.

I really pulled one out of the archives — MAC Pink Cult blush. I’m so glad I never got rid of this in a cleaning frenzy (it survived two moves!) because it’s my perfect dusty pink. I love the barely there cheek for fall since I’ve been focusing more on my eyes.

What were your October favs?