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Remedy for the Post-Summer Blues

This week was beautiful on a surface level. Perfect weather, sunshine and hints of fall wherever I turned. I saw bouquets of mums on patios and got whiffs of cinnamon and apples at the grocery store (well done West Loop Whole Foods). Yet, I can’t shake this ever present anxiety. It’s like the Sunday scaries happened to me every night this week. Turns out, post-summer blues are real. I’m linking to something below on the subject and rounding up a few other things of note. Try and really own and enjoy the weekend, all.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics


Another (sorta-ish) summer weekend, another Fest. Riot Fest is on tap for me starting today. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain…it always does and YES, it is in the forecast. Most excited for The Flaming Lips tonight.


I’ve been patiently awaiting the launch of Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics palette. You too, right? I have zero rationality when it comes to the Naked frenzy. Of course I need it! Every shade is actually different (all exclusive to this palette) and inspired by fan feedback. That bad boy drops online next Tuesday and in stores Thursday.


ICYMI: Ivanka Trump has been making the rounds talking about her father’s maternity leave and child care policies (<<<eye roll>>>). Cosmo asked her some very reasonable questions, including one on past Trump comments about pregnant women “being inconvenient for business,” and she freaked out and cut the interview short.  Definitely read if you haven’t yet.


I’m definitely feeling the post-summer blues. Summer is fleeting and I feel like it almost “happens” to me versus me being in the driver’s seat. Note to self: change that next year. For now, I’m clinging to every bit of advice on how to reset my year (September is the new January?) and get back in control.


Most fall TV premieres happen next week and I can’t wait to get my Thursday cry on with Grey’s Anatomy again. Happy I also saw this reminder of what’s streaming on Amazon this fall – one of the most underused benefits of Prime!