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Eye Makeup Must-Haves


There’s a lot that changes in my makeup bag but my tried and true eye makeup staples rarely vary. I’m really particular with my eye primer and liquid liner especially. I test every shadow primer I can in the hopes of finding a good one, but I’ve yet to find one that performs as good as the original by Urban Decay. For some weird reason, I only like this in the mini tube, which honestly lasts for many months. I happily shared this and a few other tidbits on Meg Biram’s blog. I love her monthly beauty blogger q&a session! It’s fun to see what others are treasuring and it’s usually the case that I’m inspired to make a Sephora run.

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An Eyecon in the Making


This may be the best beauty collab, ever — Alexa Chung for Eyeko. Girlfriend rocks that signature cat eye like no one else. It’s enviable. And lucky for us, it’s also completely accessible.  Alexa put her own twist on Eyeko’s sharpie-esque liquid liner and classic mascara — calling the limited edition pair “Eye Do” — and even designed a cheeky poster with a step-by-step breakdown.


Seems the trick to getting the Alexa cat eye is to draw the flick first, with your eyes open so you can see where it lays, and then go back over the entire length of the lash line. Finish with lots of black mascara. Still wondering how she does it? Get your eyes on this video tutorial Alexa did with Vogue and mimic immediately. To go the extra Alexa mile, apply a neutral brown eyeshadow all over the lid before lining your eyes and add a rosy lip. Simple perfection.