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Better Bath Time: EveryOne Bath Soaks

Better Bathtime

The bathtub is my sanctuary. I retreat there most nights with a glass of wine and no agenda. I’m fairly certain that my best ideas are born in the bath. I often go to the tub to think and other times to let my mind wander and be free. Occasionally I’ll catch up on email (knocking on wood as I’m terrified of dropping my tech in the water…though it’s never happened) or spend an hour on Instagram. One constant in this ritual is a ledge of products waiting to pamper me! I’m introducing a new feature here called Better Bath Time to share it all. Let’s kick it off with EveryOne Soaks.


I call this bathing with a purpose. Epsom salts are detoxifying and help replenish magnesium in the body — which triggers all sorts of health benefits for your mind and muscles. A 15-minute soak is all you need. EO soaks are Epsom with a mix of olive oil and essential oils for a custom aromatherapy experience. There’s Surfer Soak, my personal fav of the bunch, which is intensely citrus with a hint of eucalyptus. And Sinner, which I have a need for more than I should admit. Each Soak has about 30 ounces, making for 8 better bath times. Any Epsom devotees with tips to share?  Word is you can seize the benefits of it just by soaking your feet.