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Next in Tech? Your Period (Exclamation Point)


Pardon me if this gets uncomfortable.

But want to talk about periods? This certainly doesn’t fall in the category of things I want to discuss on the internet. Nor is it something that I really give much thought beyond the monthly check-in with my girlfriends to see if we’re still synced up (that happens and it fascinates me) so we can commiserate together. Yet, here we are.

We’re on the cusp of a major tech boom in period innovation. Seriously. Periods are about to be transformed, Uber and Birchbox style, with a side of social good, ala Warby and Toms.  No surprise, women are leading the charge.

Consider all of the tech we embrace. I avoid real taxis with all my might, deposit checks through an app, delegate grocery shopping.  Don’t feel like cooking? There’s Sprig now.  (Sidebar: am I lazy?? Did I accidentally just hold an intervention for myself?!)

Even with all that, the way we deal with our monthly ish hasn’t changed. For anyone with a copper IUD, you know the struggle about eight days a month. Yes, eight. Paragard is a cruel wonder. Still, I’ll take that over hormones any day (just my preference). So, yeah, I’m really excited that periods are getting their day in the sun.

There’s Lola, a tampon subscription service. I first heard about this from Grace at The Stripe and quickly researched the heck out of this company.  Turns out, tampons are laden with synthetics and dyes. It’s not necessarily cotton. As concerned as we are over ingredients we put on our skin, why aren’t we just as focused as something you’re actually placing inside of your body, close to your lady organs?! I’m not saying I live in fear of TSS but I will admit I’ve thrown that into the mix in a bout of hypochondria. The women who started Lola have a solve: a box (or two) of European cotton tampons delivered right to your doorstep that you’ll be happy to display in your bathroom.  Lola, you have my full support.

Then there is THINX. You’ve likely been seeing their Facebook ads about period underwear. Correction: period proof. They do all of the things we know underwear can’t actually do and that is why I am so intrigued. They don’t stain or leak and can wick moisture and absorb liquid (as in up to two tampons worth). It’s OK, I cringed, too. I’m absolutely fascinated because aesthetically, they’re cute. There’s even a nude color, which is bold as all get out. The underwear are pricier but I’m loving the business model. For every purchase, they help supply cloth pads to young females in Uganda who often have to miss school just because of their period.

Tech has streamlined so much of our lives, so this makes sense. Kudos to these women holding investor meetings with rooms of men talking about cycles. Can you even imagine? Don’t you really want to be in those rooms?

How do you feel about the modernization of the period? Yay? Nay?

photo via Death to the Stock Photo