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Budget Beauty: NYX Butter Gloss


As much as I love experimenting with my lip color, I seem to stockpile shades of pink and nude. It doesn’t matter that I have an entire drawer of lipstick in these shades, it’s always the color I buy when trying a new line. Do you do this, too?


This became very clear when I was searching for a shade of orange, which is way underrepped in my makeup bag, but the color I’m feeling for spring. Before I got too spendy with this NARS pencil, I tried NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler to make sure I could even pull it off. And then I bought two more tubes (naturally in my go-to palette – I can’t help myself) because ohmygosh this is a great lip gloss AND it costs $5. It’s not the least bit goopy or sticky and wears comfortably. With more than 20 colors to choose from —- including some daring shades of purple and red, there are options to get you out of your comfort zone for the price of a latte.



I give these a major stamp of approval! And I also give myself permission to pick up this.

Photos 3, 4 taken by Lindsay Humes