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2017 is Going to be Epic for Beauty

I think we are in a beauty renaissance right now. It’s never been cooler to love makeup and to talk about skincare regimens at dinner. We’re at peak self-expression with beauty. Also, think about how you shop for beauty. It’s changing, right? While beauty ecommerce is still a small piece of the pie (8% of ALL beauty sales), I see that number shooting way up in 2017. And, of course, the move to safer ingredients continues to pick up steam. Basically, we are getting smarter about what we use and asking questions.

However, what will define 2017 in terms of beauty is still unknown. I’ve got a hunch about a few things beyond the burgundy lip making huge waves in October (some things are just known).  When we get to this time next year, here’s what I think we’ll remember when we reflect on 2017.

We’ll all be using neck cream. Or just moisturizing and treating our neck with our existing face creams. But, ya get the drift. There was a time this was all hooey but with ‘tech neck’ a part of our lingo, expect companies to start releasing special neck products.  StriVectin has already been about this for months already. I know I’ve started to be more deliberate about using my skincare on my neck.

Beautyblender vs. the WORLD. Everyone is coming out with a sponge. For contouring, blush, concealer, foundation, etc.  If you thought that you saw a lot of these in 2016, get ready. I really do wonder how OG BB feels about this because they completely upended the sponge category and dominated for so long. I found their origin story pretty fascinating. Beautyblender’s founder told Racked last summer, “We really have a nice little sweet spot because we are makeup’s best friend… I just plan on creating more tools that help people master the tricks of the trade.” I can’t wait to see what they do next. While I am partial to the BB for its unmatched fluffiness, I am currently trying the new Miracle Diamond Sponge from Real Techniques and the EcoTools duo.

NARS will blow our minds. Listen, they’ve already come out of the 2017 gate strong with a New Year’s Day launch of what I’m sure will be the best-selling prestige concealer of 2017 (meet the Soft Matte Complete Concealer!)

RiRi will surprise us with Fenty Beauty. I predict sensational teases and massive sellouts as soon as Rihanna’s upcoming Fenty Beauty launches this Fall. I can’t wait to see what she does. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if it is blue blush, the world will go crazy.

People will like Gwyneth again. Listen, if you are still hating on queen G, ask yourself if it’s actually her or the embodiment of Goop culture.  It’s easy to eye roll at all things like vaginal steaming and $100 ladles but even she doesn’t take herself that seriously (see: this 2015 exchange with Colbert on his Goop spoof). Further proof of her growing likeability: her chat last month with Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine is insightful, articulate and inspiring. Listen, she practices what she preaches and that authenticity is admirable. I think she summed up her reputation on pioneering wellness trends perfectly in this InStyle interview: “I’ve learned how the cycle works… It used to be that I would talk about something or write about it, and people would be like, ‘What the f— is she talking about? She’s a witch!’ And then later on it would sort of catch on. So now I just recognize it: OK, I’m going to talk about this, and people will think it’s weird, and that’s how it goes.”  Case in point: she predicts bacteriotherapy as a 2017 wellness trend. The aka on that is ‘fecal transplants.’ HEYO!

Estee Lauder will go on a shopping spree. In 2016, they bought Becca for a cool few hundred million and just closed on a 1.4 billion (yeah…with a B!) sale to acquire Too Faced.  Word on the street is that they may be eyeing Drunk Elephant next. Unless they spent all of their money on Too Faced. Who do you think is next for plucking?

And, on a personal note, I vow to contribute just a little less to beauty consumerism. Got to use what I have, people! Except I do need the new Nars concealer because I know what’s up.

What do you think about this coming year?