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Oh Baby, Those Feet

Baby Foot

Google Image it. That’s what I tell people to do when I explain that I’m doing Baby Foot. I’ll warn you – it’s not for the faint of heart and you can’t unsee those images. Those sick yet oddly satisfying pictures. Are you the type that secretly loves a sunburn because you know you’ll eventually get to peel it away? Did I just utter a trigger phrase? Cause, yeah. This is THE peel of ALL peels, for your feet.

I made the brave decision to start the Baby Foot process one week ago. Which means by the time Memorial Day weekend arrived, I was basically molting. While everyone else was wearing sandals and exposing heel, I was shackled in sneakers. Whatever. So #worthit. This is the second time I’ve used Baby Foot and I’m hooked. It restores your feet to near tiny human softness in about a week’s time.  After you procure the box, filled with two gel-soaked booties, you’ll need trust (in the process), dedication (to soaking and peeling) and positivity (you can get through this!).

Day 1. Congrats. You’re going for it! Buh-bye rough callused heels. First, soak your feet to soften them before you wear the Baby Foot booties. It will help the enzymes soak in deeper. You want this. Throw on a pair of socks and kick on that DVR for the next hour.  Rinse thoroughly and go have sweet dreams of peeling skin.

Days 2 and 3. Soak your feet at night for about 10-15 minutes. The idea is to soften and loosen the skin. You might think Baby Foot is a farce because why aren’t you shedding yet?! Resist the urge to force the peel…tomorrow you will turn a corner.

Day 4. Baby Foot is a total foot approach – between toes, tops of feet, ankle, heels. Today is intense and all of those areas will start shedding. It will be easy to grab the skin. Don’t be freaked out because it may come off in large sheets. The key is to not get overzealous and peel anything too thick. That will be painful (speaking from experience on a big toe).

Days 5 and 6. OMG. WILL THIS EVER STOP?  Hope you have nothing planned because you may want to sit around and peel your feet all day. I’m not kidding. It can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with – especially on day 5. You will survive these days but you should avoid human contact (or wear socks/shoes) during these days.

Days 7+. Just when you think you will never have normal looking feet again, you wake up, corner turned. You may still be peeling but your feet look 100% better than they did pre-Baby Foot . Wear those Birkenstocks proudly!  And, know that for the next few days (up to 10) you may experience some peeling.

One more pro tip: Baby Foot tends to make toe nail polish look dull and worn so you may want to wait until you need a polish change before slipping on those booties. Now that I’m on the flip side of Baby Foot, I’m thinking about one of these Michael Kors shades, Blush or Daydreamer, or perhaps the periwinkle Smith & Cult. Don’t you just love the bottle? The line is founded by the owner of Hard Candy. I’ve been wearing it on my nails all spring and it wears beautifully.