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Cities in Dust x Astrowifey

Cities in Dust Astrowifey

Two of Chicago’s most boss babes just made something next level cool. Meghan Lorenz, Cities in Dust designer, and Ashley Crowe, a.k.a. the insanely talented nail artist Astrowifey, teamed up to create a piece of jewelry that brings the best of their worlds together. The Cities in Dust aesthetic is wearable yet edgy with bronze metal, collars and cuffs, stones shaped into balls and daggers.  And, Astrowifey is a legit artist. The things she can paint on a nail bed blow.my.freaking.mind. My fingernails are the size of that of a seven year old and I’m convinced she could depict The Last Supper on my pinky nail.

Cities in Dust Astrowifey Ring

I can imagine the creative process these two went through to make this bronze nail ring. I followed along on Insta while the two revealed snippets occasionally. I love where they ended up and appreciate that it was specifically made for any nail bed….child-sized or otherwise. The ring is adjustable and even doubles as a cool midi if you flip it around. It’s finally available in extremely limited quantities on Local Eclectic.  I hope this is just the start of more hand jewels to come from these two!

Photos by Jaclyn Elizabeth

Polished: Color Club Wanderlust Collection


The must-have nail wardrobe of the summer is most definitely the Color Club Wanderlust collection, which was developed exclusively for Birchbox. I first got the bright coral, Reign in Spain—all colors named for one of Birchbox’s international headquarters—in my June Birchbox delivery. And last week, Birchbox hosted an event at PUBLIC hotel with Astrowifey, Chicago’s queen of nail artistry, who did manis and nail art with the Wanderlust polishes.

Color-Club-Birchbox-Mod-in-Manhattan Yes, my nails are bedazzled!

What’s most exciting about these colors is they are really unique, by design. Birchbox editor Meredith Stebbins explained to me how they sought to create colors that didn’t exist yet, testing a ton of different color variations to get it just right. You’ll notice the off-white shade, Mod in Manhattan (my favorite!) has a slight peach undertone. London Calling is a sunny green color unlike anything that I’ve seen before. Pardon my French is the perfect lavender. And the best part? You get the whole set for $8.

I am loving my Wanderlust mani – Mod in Manhattan with a Pardon My French chevron accent nail that Astrowifey freehanded in .2 seconds. She is incredible! For more of Birchbox in Chicago, check out the recaps (and awesome pics!) from CHICago Life Blog and Love Zahra.