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PRIME. Polish. SHINE. Repeat.

AILA-PolishMy manicure might be the same today as it was yesterday but make no mistake: I am a new woman. I finally finished Friday Night Lights and I’m trying to cope with what life will be like with no new episodes to watch. I realize that this is so 2011 and I’m not trying to stir up any emotions for anyone that has already reached the point of acceptance but my wounds are fresh. I nearly chewed off my nail in the penultimate scene with that ball spiraling through the air (not a spoiler…the show is about football!) but caught myself before I ruined my manicure which is going six days strong. Do you like? AILA is a new discovery that I’m really excited about. It’s available exclusively at BeauTeaBar right now. Aside from the chic glass block bottles, this niche brand uses some non-traditional ingredients in its mission to create a healthier nail system.

AILA Nail Polish

The PRIME base coat is infused with garlic which has a rep in the med community for being a natural anti-fungal and nail strengthener. The female founders are both physicians so this nod to medicine makes sense. But it’s the SHINE top coat that is surely stretching my mani so far. Ginger is a bright poppy hue that looks even better with a little slick on top. It’s going on my toes next!

Also…Texas Forever (ahhh!)