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Decoding the BB and CC Craze


My arsenal of BB + CC

The BB Cream craze took off last year, and there are no signs of it letting up. Now, with the surge of BB’s cousin, the CC Cream, chances are you’re wondering what this alphabet soup is all about. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in a tube or two? BB, a.k.a. blemish or beauty balm, and CC, a.k.a color control or corrective, are essentially next-gen tinted moisturizers.  BB creams have been extremely popular in Asia for decades, used as an alternative to foundation by many women. They’re the ultimate multitaskers — combining skin care, makeup and even sun protection. CC creams are incredibly similar, but usually have higher SPF and target specific skin concerns, like discoloration and redness. By definition alone, the differences seem discernible. In reality, though, many companies release products that blur the lines between BB and CC and some have capitalized on the popularity… slapping on the “BB” label.

I’ve put quite a few BB and CC creams to the test for the sake of beauty! I’m over on The Garmenteur this week with some tips on how to decipher the marketing lingo and provide some recommendations for the BB and CC seeker.

Click on over here to read it in full!